Project Rap Rabbit fails to make Kickstarter goal, devs say what's next

Though our Kickstarter campaign hasn't gone the way we'd intended, our early stages of development have left us more determined than ever to bring Project Rap Rabbit to life. While you didn't see Project Rap Rabbit at any conferences or booths during E3 week, we had a very, very busy E3 filled with meetings about our vision for the future of rhythm-action.

So what happens next? At this moment it's far too early to say, but thanks in part to your overwhelming support we know that our vision for Project Rap Rabbit hasn't gone unnoticed.

Full update here

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Mon Jun 19 17 06:45pm
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I think the issue lied on the rather hefty sum for a small game, plus the badly organized stretch goals.

It does seem like an interesting concept, but after Mighty No. 9 and similar kickstarters, I'm too burned out on supporting projects like that without having any guarantee of the resulting quality.

Their campaign was a mess from the start. Asking over a million dollars for a game in a very niche genre with nothing more than a couple of concept artwork and vague gameplay ideas. And then trying to fix that self-created PR situation with the Switch stretch goal. They didn't show the first video of any gameplay until there were like ten days left.

I'd love to see Nintendo bankroll this and publish as a Switch exclusive. Probably wishful thinking, but it would be a pretty huge coup.

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