Famitsu readers pick the top 20 best "shmups" of all-time

20. RayStorm (PS/PS3/360/AC/iOS/Android) - 89 pt
19. Fantasy Zone (3DS/FC/PS2/Mark III/SS/PCE/AC/MSX/PC) - 98 pt
18. Deathsmiles (360/AC/PC/iOS/Android) - 102 pt
17. Gradius III ~Densetsu kara Shinwa e (AC/SFC) - 106 pt
16. DoDonPachi (AC/SS/PS) - 108 pt
15. Battle Garegga (AC/SS/PS4) - 115 pt
14. Dariusburst: Another Chronicle (AC) - 130 pt
13. Darius (AC/PS4) - 133 pt
12. Xevious (AC/FC) - 135 pt
11. DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (AC/360) - 139 pt
10. RayForce (AC/SS/PC/iOS/Android) - 147 pt
09. DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (AC/PS2) - 153 pt
08. Tatsujin Ou (AC/PC) - 155 pt
07. Ketsui ~Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra~ (AC/PS3/360) - 171 pt
06. Gradius II ~Gofer no Yabou~ (AC/PCE) - 177 pt
05. R-Type (PS/GB/PCE/PC/AC/iOS/Android) - 183 pt
04. Darius Gaiden (SS/AC) - 204 pt
03. Gradius (AC/FC/MSX/PCE/PS4) - 221 pt
02. Ikaruga (AC/DC/GC/XB/PC) - 249 pt
01. Gothic wa Mahou Otome! (iOS/Android) - 312 pt

I thought for sure that Ikaruga would have been in the top slot, but it'll have to settle for second. Now I'm feeling the itch to go back and play it again!

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Wow, easily the least terrible "Famitsu readers pick the top 20 best X" list.

DaiOuJou should totally be number 1, tho.

"I thought for sure that Ikaruga would have been in the top slot"

it'll take it when famitsu asks its readers to name the top 20 best puzzle games

I'd love to see Cave make shooters on the Switch. It seems natural. To be able to flip my portable around to play some Dodonpachi would make me extremely happy!

Fri Jun 23 17 05:04pm
Rating: 1

I would love to see Cave make shooters on any non-phone console, personally.

An original one would be best, but more realistically I would also take SNK-style ports of their back catalogue: DOJ/SDOJ/DDP, Mushi 1/Futari, Ketsui, Espgaluda 2. Mmmm...

What on earth is " Gothic wa Mahou Otome!" and how did it outdo Gradius? Must have been some mobile game that Japan got hooked on

"What on earth is " Gothic wa Mahou Otome!""

It is the most recent game to come from Cave.

In case you do not know, they are kind of a big thing in the shooter genre: Among a slew of other STGs, Cave also made Deathsmiles, Dodonpachi, DDP DaiFukkatsu, DDP DaiOuJou, Truxton 2 (AKA Tatsujin Ou), and Ketsui. You might notice a pattern here, which is that they are responsible for nearly half of the games on this list

""how did it outdo Gradius?"

I have not tried it myself, but I would imagine that Gothic wa Mahou Otome's placement on the list is probably a combination of Cave being great at bullet gameplay, newness, waifu crap, and the general popularity of soul-devouring free-to-play phone games.

Sad that Star Fox isn't mentioned on that list.....Sad

Well, it's not a shmup, so that's probably why.

I'm overly happy that DaiOuJo is the highest-ranked among DoDonPachis. Sooooo much fun!

Not a single Parodius, Twinbee or Salamander game? No Axelay?
Famitsu readers don't know their classics.

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