Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - docked/portable resolution and framerate info

The following info comes from Ubisoft's Davide Soliani...


- 900p/30fps


- 720p/30fps

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Not 1080p? That's a bit of a letdown.

The framerates seem to be the same for both modes so that's all that matters to me! Should run good enough to work well

This looks way better than Mario Odyssey... But I was still expecting at least 1080p 30 fps.

Not every xbox one game is at 1080p, especially not even 60fps. This should come at no surprise.

I've seen the game live in front of me. It looks incredible, so I don't care about 1080p.

Wed Aug 09 17 12:41pm
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You won't even note the difference unless you play in front of your TV. I had expectations of noting the difference (have a 720 old Plasma TV on my living room) while playing Mario Kart and Splatoon on a 1080p TV on my bedroom, and guess what, no difference to be noted while playing. No difference at all with breath of the wild (which runs at a similar resolution). So expect no seriously noticeable difference.
I guess you'll notice it only if your TV is huge or you sit like seriously close to your TV. And I mean noticing it by switching resolutions on your console, not by just playing the game

Yeah: higher resolutions are technically always better, but with these consoles it's always a tradeoff with other considerations (like framerate and post- processing) and clearly the game is gorgeous. I'm happy with it. This is one of the best looking games on a Nintendo system ever: less than half a year into a new console's lifespan. I think the Switch is just the coolest!


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