Final Fantasy XV very strongly hinted at for Switch release

I mean, come on. That's not really a tease as much as it is a confirmation. There's no way this isn't happening. Now we just have to wait and see if it's more like the console release or the recently revealed pocket edition!


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Tue Aug 22 17 05:46am
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Switch is taking Japan by storm and Square Enix is very enthusiastic about the platform so it makes sense.

Tue Aug 22 17 05:47am
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FInal Fantasy XV is an absolutely massive game, I'm interested how they're going to fit it in the Switch's relatively small memory

only some technical reductions, but overall it can fit just fine

Tue Aug 22 17 05:57am
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Sounds like they're talking about the Pokcet (chibi) Edition, not the original game.

That would be nice, can't wait to see how it looks (if it happens). I am not a 'them graphizs' guy, but I am very curious to see how much the Switch can handle.

Here's to hoping that it'll run at 60 for the amooth smooth edge over Android version. XD

Tue Aug 22 17 06:17am
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I just bought my first PS4 weeks ago, and FFXV was 4th game I picked up,$30. Have not started it, but if it indeed comes to Switch, I will of course double dip.
Nintendo has not had a proper FF game since SNES.

Ugh. This is not the renowned return to Nintendo consoles I was expecting / wanting [aka this isn't a GOOD FF game].

Should've just done it with FFVII Remake, imo, for the extra poeticness of it all.

FFVII Remake seems to be a PS4 timed-exclusive (the reveal said something like "coming first to PS4") so it not like they can announce it yet. Also we dont know if the remake will be good yet :p

Snowball's chance in Hell this game can run on Switch. It has to be the pocket version. I can rather see a FF7 Remake on Switch if any, but seems like Sony has a deal there

The wording in that image makes it seem like its Time exclusive. There is plenty of time to know whether the Switch will get it or not.

Yeah. Well it's at least more possible than the FF15 game. Or will they make a chibi FF7Remake?

Holy cheese balls at that Pocket version! What are they thinking?!

It's sad, even when it comes to weird mobile versions, iOS and Android get top billing and the fact that it is also coming to Switch is just a toss off comment.

Tue Aug 22 17 08:08am
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Hopefully this gives way to KH3 coming to Switch (considering its in UE4 it would have had a higher chance to come than FFXV)

Also lol we are now guessing like DQ 11 if its the console version or the pocket version ughhhhhhh

FFXV is an incredible game. I'd gladly double dip.

Terrible story but I loved playing this game.

I have no interest in this game, but I really hope it ends up releasing on switch.
Maybe we'll get a Final Fantasy from VII to X at some point, as some of these games released on pc not so long ago.

Xbox 3-SITCHY confirmed? ( ͠° ͟ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Could this be happening already...?

Ah, finally a reason to own Switch, if true anyway.

Be amazing if it's the proper game but not holding my breath. More likely to be the mobile thing which I guess is better than nothing...

Tue Aug 22 17 02:55pm
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as someone who only owns Nintendo consoles... I am very glad that i finally have the chance to experience this game... hopefully it's not the ugly chibi mobile version tho, but a version specially made and optimized for the switch.

Tue Aug 22 17 07:09pm
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It better not be that pocket edition.

Me either. It would be a huge disaster if the Pocket Edition comes to the Switch. I'd rather have the PS4 ported version of Final Fantasy XV for the Nintendo Switch. Let's hope that Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to its hybrid platform in the future as well.

Wed Aug 23 17 04:54am
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I'm hoping for those to come as well. If they do decide to bring KH3 to Switch, they should release the HD remixes on Switch first.

Wed Aug 23 17 02:00am
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It'd be just like Squeenix to port over that shitty looking pocket edition.

I'm keeping my expectations very low, not that I am all that interested in this Hot Topic, j-pop, boy band action game nonsense masquerading as a Final Fantasy title anyway.

Wed Aug 23 17 04:53am
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The Final Fantasy franchise has really lost its way.

At least we'll all look forward to Square Enix's other JRPG coming only to Switch-- Octopath Traveler.

It's definitely the pocket edition imo. It's good to get extra support, but why do the characters models have to be so bleh compared to the main game.

I still doubt it. Square Enix would sabotage their relationship with Nintendo. Not to mention not releasing Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remix for the Switch.

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