Japan - Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle box, sticker set included

The Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle box is a bit different in Japan than it is here in the states. Not only does the box look different, but it includes a sticker set I don't believe we get in our bundle. Check out more pics of the entire bundle here.

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Thu Sep 14 17 11:38am
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Those stickers are sweet, and who don't love a Mario bundle? This reminds me of getting the NES and SNES under my Christmas tree as a child. Can't wait to play this one with my family. My four-year-old was shockingly mature yesterday: I told him about the Direct, and he said he didn't want to watch the Mario Odyssey part because he just wanted to wait until it came out next month and be surprised. I was very proud: I've never said anything like that to him, so this was his own idea, and I approve!

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