The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - file size

If you plan on going the digital route for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you'll need to clear off 14.3GB's worth of space. If you haven't grabbed a microSD card yet, now might be a good time!

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I just bought a 200GB micro SDXC with a1 app performance ratting. The app performance makes a measurable difference in the way switch loads and runs games.

I bought a pretty big sd card and planned on going mostly digital, but if game sizes continue to be this big, might have to be a bit more careful about what I buy digitally.

Sat Sep 30 17 05:23pm
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I feel the same way. I own a 200gb microsd card. I own Pokken Tournament DX, Arms, Breath of the Wild, Fast RMX, Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania, Rayman Legends, Mario x Rabbids, NBA Playgrounds, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I'm currently at 136 gb.

I plan on getting Mario Odyssey (6 gb), Skyrim (14 gb), Fire Emblem Warriors (13gb), RE: Revelations (13gb), Revelations 2 (26 gb), Doom (25gb), LA Noire (which we don't know the file size for yet but I'm gonna guess 20gb), Sonic Forces (7gb), Batman TellTale, and Rocket League. Add all these up and you get 124 gigs for all of this (without Rocket League and Batman). Leaving me with only a whopping 12 gb left (micro memory still have the 25 gigs of internal memory) after only year one on Switch...

The biggest micro sd card available right now is 400 gb double of what I've got now. Which costs $250! So if year 2 of Switch is ANYTHING like year one either A. I'm gonna have to drop all digital (which I hate) or B. Go the more expensive route and constantly buy bigger micro sd cards as they become available on the market throughout switch's lifecycle.


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