Unity 2017.2 is now available, includes native rendering plugin support for Switch

Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch

Other improvements include Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch, which enables you to implement low-level rendering and work with Unity’s multi-threaded rendering.

Check out the full details here

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Is..... Is this the fix we need?

Thu Oct 12 17 11:11pm
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No, it's the fix we deserve...

To be srs, is it?

I don't know, I haven't worked with a Switch dev kit yet, sadly. :/
But it may be, that would allow to develop the game with more access to the hardware if I understand correctly (usually it's all abstracted to make it easier to work on the game, but it stop you from using some specific features of the hardware that would help optimizing), so yeah, that may be helping some people to fix certain problematic parts of the game without cutting/downgrading stuff.

Thu Oct 12 17 11:11pm
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[EDIT] Sorry, accidental double post.

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