Telltale says they took a Nintendo Direct-style approach to informing fans, once again pledge big Switch support

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Telltale creative communications boss Job Stauffer...

"We took a queue from Nintendo. Now that we have so many fans, coming from all directions; whether they're fans of Batman or Borderlands but never heard of Wolf Among Us, or fans of Guardians [of the Galaxy] but just not really into Walking Dead yet. It's interesting to have all these fans from all these universes coming together at one point. So if we have our own sort of Nintendo Direct-style summer update, it is exciting because these fans get to hear about everything else that they aren't really aware of. These games are in the Telltale language and the Telltale format, so it is familiar to them immediately... That's something that we pride ourselves in. We have this common format and we are also available on every platform."

Mr. Stauffer went on to reconfirm Telltale's commitment to Switch.

"For us, making games that play the same on console as they do on mobile and iPad, and having a console that is the seamless transition between both, is perfect for us. Minecraft Story Mode is our first game on Switch, but definitely not our last. We're looking at Batman and at Guardians, and more Minecraft. And probably a couple more. No dates at this point, but we love the platform."

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I'd buy a Walking Dead trilogy. I just would want them to remove the borders that they include in every mobile release of their games. They didn't include them in Telltale's Minecraft for Switch, so I'm hopeful that they won't include them in any future Telltale Switch games.

I literally don't care about Minecraft Story Mode and I am on the fence about Batman & Guardians.

I want Walking Dead (all of it) and absolutely want Wolf Among Us.

You'll get Tales of the Borderlands. And you'll like it.

It'll be nice getting a greatest hit combo. of some fashion down the line.

Fri Oct 13 17 08:13pm
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Wish they could make a Twin Peaks series.....


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