Pokemon Sun/Moon - Original Cap Pikachu available once again in NA/Japan

- Original Cap Pikachu can be obtained by American and Japanese
- use the code PIKACHUM20
- end date is unknown

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Hmm not sure if if I should redeem two (on my other copy) or wait and see if they do the next cap

And in case anyone’s wondering I was able to get both the PIKACHU20 code and this one

If I knew this would happen, I would not have gotten the first original cap pikachu and probably would have gotten another region hat. Now I have two original cap pikachus and since everyone will get this one, it will be harder to trade for another region cap :/

I anticipate that all hatted Pikachus will be redistributed eventually, this being the first.

I hope so, but this new one wasn't redistributed for the purpose of getting the Original Cap if you missed it. This one was a Singapore event for watching the Pokemon 20th Movie. Because Singapore events are not tied to a specific region, NA and Japanese games were able to get it, but not Europe.

Thanks for including Europe, GameFreak...

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