Ubisoft talks Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sales success, future Switch support, and more

The following information comes from Ubisoft's recent earnings call

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

- outperformed its own forecasts
- again confirmed to be the best-selling third party title on Switch
- expected to have a longer than usual sales curve due to great Switch sales and momentum
- attach rate with Switch varies between 10 and 20 percent depending on the number of consoles that are out there
- Ubisoft expects this to get a big boost during the holidays

Just Dance 2018

- Switch version is the top-selling version

Switch comments in general from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot

“We are very happy with the sales. We feel that the machine is going to be selling in big volumes during Christmas, so we expect to continue to invest on the machine and we expect big sales of Just Dance 18 at the end of the year also, and for sure Mario and Rayman.”


Uno is also doing well on the Japanese eShop.

I expect it to continue selling well over the next couple of years since not only is it a solid game, but it has Mario in its name.

It’s a good game so I think it has a good chance of being evergreen. Hopefully third party games without the benefit of Mario and the launch window bump do well too.

Just Dance's Switch success comes in great contrast with the epic failure of Just Dance on Wii U back when it launched in 2012. Could hasten the end of Wii versions before long.

I'm glad it saw some success. I don't really go for turn based tactical games. I gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised. I wonder if they will make a sequel with Mario or maybe the Rabbids will invade another universe? Maybe it will be a completely different kind of game?

omg. What about a new Donkey Kong platformer in the style of Rayman Origins/Legends? Grant Kirkhope and David Wise! PLEASE! Rabbid Kong could be a playable character!

Sun Nov 12 17 09:07pm
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UbiArt engine Rayman x Mario themed Child of Light styled RPG.

I'd rather just get a 3rd and final DKC from Retro than a DK platformer using the Origins/Legends engine as I find Legends a great looking game but VERY boring to play (besides the music levels).

Deserved success with M+R although i was a bit disappointed with DLC. Hoping the 2nd part of it is more meaningful. I wouldn't recommend the season pass at this stage though.

Even if this game performed well, I still hate Ubisoft. I'm only supporting this game because Nintendo published it.

Ubisoft published it

Mon Nov 13 17 06:26am
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But Nintendo still owns the game due to the fact that Mario's in it. Its kinda odd how a third party as Ubisoft would publish a game that has Nintendo IP in it though.

That said, my bad for not knowing this. Still my point stands for my hate of Ubisoft.

Its kinda odd how a third party as Ubisoft would publish a game that has Nintendo IP in it though

We had that before. Like Sould Calibur on the GameCube with Link as a character.

It’s not unprecedented. Sega did the publishing for Mario and Sonic at the Olympics outside of Japan.

Nintendo probably welcome others publishing these games to free up their own publishing capacity and manufacturing.

But yes - I don’t have much like for Ubisoft either Smile

Just tell yourself you're not paying Ubisoft, but the very passionated team that poured their souls and love into that game. Smile
Also, the more people encourage these passion projects, the more chances there is that Ubisoft will understand they need to make more of these, and less of the soul crushing IP milking they do with their big names.

Mon Nov 13 17 03:44am
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and they were moaning about leaks ruining their reveal...


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