GoNintendo Video - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review

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- the same Skyrim you know and love
- still as enjoyable to play as it was years ago
- not a watered-down experience


- motion controls are bare-bones
- still filled with bugs and glitches

Final Word

Those planning to pick up Skyrim on the Switch can rest easy knowing you're getting a good experience. If you liked the game years ago, you'll certainly like it just as much here. The real bonus is being able to take the game with you on the go. All the elements fans came to love are here, but sadly, all the same bugs remain as well. On top of that, motion controls feel tacked on, rather than deeply integrated. Still, if you're simply looking to revisit the Skyrim experience you grew to love when it first launched, you should get the warm fuzzies all over again with the Switch version.


currently at work with no sound on the computer, what sort of bugs are we talking about?

I just love how RMC is struggling to find good things to say about Skyrim. It's... Skyrim alright.

It's OK, RMC, Skyrim is a terrible. It's shallow, ugly, glitchy, boring slog of a game. Like you said, it's Skyrim.

They didn't squash the bugs? That's what put me off when I first played it.

Please sell well, please sell well, please sell well!!!

Thanks for the review RMC!
The motion controls don't look much but I'm glad the pointer bow controls apparently work fine as this was the main aspect I was eager to hear about.
Also I wanted to be sure the game was stable framerate wise and compared well to the others graphically and sure enough, that seems to be the case.

Thanks again and I think I'll be getting this if I can find it for an acceptable price.

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