Cruis’n Blast devs considering adding in Switch Easter egg to the arcade game

A portion of an Arcade Heroes interview with Raw Thrills, the devs behind the Cruis’n Blast arcade game...

AH: Speaking of Cruis’n USA on the N64, one thing various Cruis’n fans keep asking about is a port of Blast to the Nintendo Switch. Has Nintendo shown any interest in a conversion to that platform?

EJ: Being arcade guys, we really weren’t thinking about creating a home game. We wanted to make it the ultimate arcade driver – so its going to be an arcade exclusive – a special treat for arcade players only! We were thinking about using a Switch controller to activate hidden features in the arcade game. We’ll see what happens!

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Thankfully there's a Dave and Buster's near me now that has this game :D

What,! No switch port? For shame.

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