Nintendo has no plans of dropping 3DS in 2018

Quite a few people are wondering when Nintendo is going to move the 3DS aside and let it ride off into the sunset. According to Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima, that's not happening anytime soon. In an interview with Kyoto Shimbun, Mr. Kimishima said Nintendo plans to continue selling the platform for the foreseeable future, and sales are in-line with internal projections.

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PS2 wasnt culled immediately. Nor was PS3. Or Xbox 360. Or DS. Or Wii.

You dont just discontinue a platform, kill all in-progress development and tell third parties to go walk to the new platform.

There has to be a comfortable overlap and 3DS for the future fills the niche of the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S - The budget system with all these games thats cheap to make and big on profit.

You dont just discontinue a platform, kill all in-progress development and tell third parties to go walk to the new platform.

If we know something from Nintendo, is that they do the exact opposite of what you said. Game Boy games went to the grave one the gba was released. Same thing with the snes, n64, gamecube and Wii U; once the successor came in, the previous platform was done for.

I seriously hope for the 3ds to go bye bye this year or the next at the latest. It's technology is overly dated, more devs are "switching" to the switch and Nintendo is really not caring much about it now. They can announce the 3ds successor this year (since they said that the switch is not the next 3ds...), focusing more on mobile aspects and AR. Hell, it can even be doubled as a cellphone

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This may be (partly) true of Nintendo software support, but it’s completely false as far as platform support is concerned.

The SNES was sold until past the release of the GameCube. Wii Mini, a new product was released a year after the Wii U. Same with GBA Micro vs the DS. Nintendo’s platforms historically have very long tails.


It would be stupid for Nintendo to drop the 3DS right NOW all of a sudden. Before the Switch, the 3DS was Nintendo's saving grace that did somewhat well.

The Wii U, N64 and Gamecube actually made them profit..ok maybe not the N64 but for the other two yes. So those two aren't exactly as floppy as some would say.

"Wii" umm yes it was what 1st party Wii games came out once Wii U launched? Hell what Wii games launched in 2012 besides the "operation rain fall" games?

Also I say this every time this topic comes up and I'll continue to say it. 3DS DOESN'T NEED ANYMORE GAMES. It has the largest 1st party line-up of any Nintendo console EVER! It will continue to sell on those titles alone as well as the fact the hardware is cheap. While Nintendo has said 3DS sold the most software within the holiday season than they have in awhile. I GUARANTEE you they are from software previously released years ago. Hey Pikmin, Mario Party: Star Rush, Mario Sports Superstars, Yoshi + Poochy Wooly World, Federation Force, Ever Oasis, Metroid: Samus Returns, etc. bet weren't that big a part of it. Nintendo hasn't even released sales data for the following games. I bet people are buying 3DS's for the BIG evergreen titles like Smash, Mario Kart 7, NSMB2, 3D Land, OOT3D, etc.

I really do feel this is the last year for 3DS and I bet support (from Nintendo at least) won't last past summer time. Kirby Battle Royale, maybe a Wario game, and if that rumored Link's Awakening remake is true is all I see Nintendo releasing for the system this year. Link's Awakening (if real) will probably be the systems swan song.

I did also say "You don't just tell third parties to take a walk". Not first party, third party.

And I said first party that is in-progress. If a game has been worked on for 2 years by this point, just release it and be done with it. I'm not saying they need to start new things, just finish what is in work now and then move on.

Also to add further clarity, Tatsumi Kimishima said they have no plans to stop selling the 3DS.

That means the hardware itself will not be pulled from the market. Not keep making games, rather keep making the hardware.

The PS2 wasn't discontinued the second the PS3 arrived. Nor was the Xbox 360, or the GBA.

I don't mind them selling hardware along the Switch. It's making new content for the 3DS that could/SHOULD be on Switch is when I have a problem. Metroid: Samus Returns and Mario Party: Top 100 (even though the game ended up being not so great) being prime examples.

And these comments say nothing about software. The only games coming to 3DS are third party titles, localisations, and the few small things ending development on the first party front from their lesser satellite studios.

All these comments DO say, is hey, the hardware isn't being thrown away.

Tue Jan 09 18 06:42am
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A commentator here had a pretty intriguing theory about what Nintendo will do next in the handheld arena since they are now stuck with quite the conundrum as it pertains to a 3DS successor considering that the Switch is itself, a less portable handheld in its own right. His theory was that a pared down Switch Mini might fill that gap and I have to say that the likelihood of that happening seems likely. First of all, Iwata combined the handheld and console game development teams a few years back when they were once compartmentalized and each team had no idea what the other division was even working on. Considering that almost all Switch games don't require detached Joycons, I can see it being a solid, self-contained unit with a smaller screen and other cost-saving measures. As long as the software is more plentiful and is able to be divided into bite-sized chunks or are able to be saved often, I can easily see how this would work. I will miss the 3D screen but I can see how getting rid of it would be a sacrifice with little cost to the overall sales in the long-run. When the components that make up the Switch get cheaper in a couple years I bet that is when we would see something like that if it is in the works.

I don't think Nintendo is going to sell a Switch with none of the defining characteristics of a Switch (detachable controllers for instant multiplayer, motion controls, TV dock support)

Nintendo is done with portable-only systems for the foreseeable future. The Switch will only get a revision when sales lag and that'll probably won't happen until 2019, expect a slightly updated Switch with better screen (still 720p tho), better battery, better kickstand and some other minor feature in Fall 2019 at the earliest.

If the Switch can continue to pull off these numbers consistently, with or without revisions, then they won't release any other systems during its lifetime, and when the time comes for a Switch successor, it's more than likely going to be a very similar system, with more power and probably VR support built in, depending on where that market is around 2023/2024.

You could be completely correct but I wonder if there is an audience that they are missing out on that doesn't want a console but would like something a bit more portable than what the Switch is in handheld mode. Sure, the system is pulling in some unprecedented figures but if they can outdo what the Switch is already performing at, then I am sure that they will find a way to add a second-tier system beyond the 3DS. Personally, I would prefer a 3DS successor with many of the same features as now but on steroids and would find such a move to be a bit lazy and disappointing.

All very possible but we all know how unpredictable Nintendo is. It's hard to imagine them getting rid of their dedicated handheld devices after nearly three decades of uninterrupted success in that arena but I can see them maybe making some compromises that meet halfway.

I completely agree that variations of the Switch are likely, especially when they move away from the 3DS, but I don’t know if un-detachable joy-cons and no TV support would be the way they choose to go.

Instead, I could see an upgraded version of the Switch sold alongside the current version. The current version at that point will receive a price reduction to make it the “affordable” portable/console/hybrid on the market.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major competitor also have a hybrid on the market or close to release by that point (assuming the momentum for Switch continues through 2018.)

Tue Jan 09 18 09:36am
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While IMO it’s likely Nintendo will eventually discontinue the 3DS and arrive at a family of Switches (emulating cell phone product lineups in a way), I think that they’re going to have trouble getting the original Switch cost down to what they would consider an acceptable entry point. If they discontinued the 3DS family today, their lowest priced product would be $300, far far more than it ever has been historically.

They certainly won’t discontinue the 3DS until they can sell a Switch for ~$150. But to do that you need to simplify. The current design has three battieries, three product assemblies, ruggedized interconnects, and mechanical latches, all due to the detachable controllers. In addition, if you go to a smaller display and smaller system size, you would need to reduce the size of the Joycons, which would likely make them too small, so building the buttons into the device would be better from a usability perspective.

I think you see a Switch ‘mini’ or ‘pocket’ that can get down to that low-end price point around the same time you have the hardware available to make a significant upgrade to the flagship Switch system.

All great points. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo decides upon. They're still unafraid to take risks but Kimishima seems to play a little bit more on the safe side than Iwata ever did. Still, they're the Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory of the video game industry so I will not be surprised if they revealed something strange and somewhat shocking about the 3DS successors sometime around E3. I suspect that we will start hearing a lot more whispers about what their handheld future may look like within the next six months.

People were pissed that Nintendo stopped support (Wii-U). People are pissed that Nintendo is continuing support (3DS).

Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't!

I'd love to see more new 3DS games beyond Xenoblade and FE: Warriors. Hopefully new 3DS are in the future of Nintendo.

They won't stop selling the system in 2018, sure - but how about first party support?
2017 already saw a decrease in titles and quality thereof - focusing mostly on 2D platform titles and a few ported Wii U games.

I cannot even think of a game set to release in 2018 by Nintendo for the system except Sushi Striker and Dillon 3.

People in the west seem almost obsessed with having the 3DS killed off. I do not understand why. 3DS games still figure highly in the Japanese weekly software sales charts and the device itself continues to sell well there. There are a massive amount of 3DS iterations in circulation it makes perfect sense to continue to support it. Nintendo also has the handheld market pretty much all to themselves.

It's not all with Nintendo on when the 3DS should be dropped. The companies that make games for it have a large say in this. Just as they do with every other gaming device. Once development for it drops below a certain threshold that is when a console is killed off. The 3DS is well above that threshold at this point with continued support from many software companies.

I'm happy for the 3DS and Switch to co-exist and i don't get why so many (mostly) Americans seem so opposed to this.

Tue Jan 09 18 09:33am
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From an economic standpoint, that's great. It proves the success of the 3DS way beyond what people expected when it launched. And it secures a steady flow of new games for people who can't afford a new console.

But personally, this annoys me, just like it annoyed me to play GBA games after the DS launched or PS2 games after the PS3's launch. And I would have annoyed me if, for example, BotW or Mario Odyssey had been Wii U exclusives. Simply because I don't like having a shiny new console sitting on the shelf and then playing games on an inferior system.

Nor should they... let it die when it dies. It isn't hurting the Switch, which I'm sure the bulk of Nintendo's development is focused on.

A friend's nephew really wanted a 3DS for Xmas, and she consulted me. "Isn't that old news?" I told her yeah, sort of... but it does have a lineup of killer software on it that can be had on the cheap. When I was a kid, we were a Sega Genesis house, though I played plenty on SNES at friend's houses and always wanted one. So I picked up my own after the N64 was already out along with all the games I always wanted for cheap. Think I regretted that because it was old news? Nope!

I started with a Commodore 64, got my NES the SNES was on the way out, my SNES the N64 was out for a while, my N64 was bought the Game Cube was already announced. The first console I got while it was still "alive" was the Game Cube and it was with my own money. Still got it late enough to buy it 250$ with 15 games, 3 controllers (normal blue, half transparent and Wavebird), the GBA cable, a traveling case and some more accessories. So yeah. I always had fun with them anyway. Never had a problem with it. Smile

Yeah, and the Wii U / DS were meant to be "third pillars". Whatever you say, Nintendo.


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