Couple sends out Pokemon-themed wedding invite

What do you do when you and your fiance are big Pokemon fans? You send out Pokemon-themed wedding invites, of course! If you're wondering what the bottom of the card says, you can get those details below.

Will you attend? Yes / No

Please tell us your name!

Please tell us your address and phone number!

Do you have any allergies? Yes / No

Do you want to take the bus? From where? Yes / No

Have a message? Write it here.

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Tags: game-boy, pokemon


Why does this story have a negative rating right now?
That's cool. Good for them.
If you don't like it, choose another invitation for your own wedding.

Are you saying people aren't allowed to downvote an article they don't like? That seems to be the implication here

Does something like this count as copyright infringement if sold? I’d assume so, but just curious.

Probably, yes. Especially since TPC is pretty strict with this stuff

Not gonna lie, that is pretty adorable.

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