Lost Sphear - unboxing

Boy, Square-Enix didn't really do much of anything for this physical release. Really bare-bones inside that box. I guess the box itself is supposed to be the treat.

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

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Games: Lost Sphear


First time I hear Kolma's voice, I think. What accent is that?

Also, no offense, but that unwrapping of the game box made me shudder a bit. That wasn't smooth or straight at all! =P

I'm Dominican raised in NY(city then suburbs) for most of my life and live in Florida now. I pick up accents fairly easily and it messes everything up.

If you watch my other unboxing videos I'm much more careful about the unwrapping certain games if I plan on keeping the plastic (when they have stickers on them)

I see, that does my heart good to know!
And that's some interesting heritage. Never would've guessed that

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