RUMOR - South Park: The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole coming to Switch

Multiple Switch owners have been hoping that Ubisoft would bring over the latest South Park game to the Switch, but rumor has it that Switch owners are going to get a double-dose of South Park soon enough. Apparently both The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole are both going to come to the platform. Obviously Ubisoft hasn't commented on this, but with both games using the Snowdrop engine, which is indeed supported on Switch, the idea makes sense!

Thanks to Timulion for the heads up!

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Wed Mar 07 18 01:30pm
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Yes, give me that butthole.

Wed Mar 07 18 01:32pm
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Where's Steep, Ubi?

Wed Mar 07 18 04:13pm
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South Park: Stick Your Truth Up My Fractured But Whole


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