Nintendo creating NintendoWare Bezel Engine, an engine for third party devs on Switch

Nintendo has a face as a software maker that delivers various game titles to customers, but it is also a platform holder that provides development environments to developers.

Among them, we have asked developers of games for the Nintendo platform "to provide an environment that can create interesting games in a short period of time while keeping development costs as low as possible", middleware called "NintendoWare Bezel Engine".

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Wow. If I'm understanding correctly, Nintendo's developing an engine for other developers to use. Like the Unreal Engine...except a little more exclusive in terms of who can have access to it. Neat. If it helps developers make quality stuff for the Switch then I'm all for it. But I have a feeling developers are still gonna use other engines for the flexibility of porting their game(s) to more platforms. This seems to be Nintendo's way of courting more indie exclusives.

It's not new from Nintendo to do something like this. With the wii u, they had the Nintendo Web Framework

I've been using Unity for years but have only started to branch out. After I play with this I think I'll try to transfer some of my old work to Bezel in the near future and see first hand how smooth the process is.

Cool initiative.

Terrible name though. Unless “Bezel” has some obscure Nintendo meaning?

It's the small border holding the game in place... Like a bezel.

I don't know why Nintendo is even trying hard for this. Sure, more candy is nice and all but still leaves a sour flavour in the end if you catch my drift. (And in case you didn't, it means that no matter what Nintendo does, third parties are least bothered with it.)

I am going to assume that this is an engine that is locked and is not a commercial product in which case, yeah. Better off with unity or studio.

Not sure what to make of this. Guess we'll have to see what kind of developers it's aimed at and the games they produce first.


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