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Latest Nintendo patent is for a "digital card format", and certainly sounds Pokemon related

by rawmeatcowboy
26 April 2018
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Time for yet another patent from Nintendo. As always, this could end up being an actual project to see release, or may never see the light of day. Now let's get to the patent details.

- application for a digital card format
- “non-limiting example game apparatus” that includes a “card display screen including an image of a card object”
- image displayed on the card is a composite made of a background as well as a “color change image”
- this will differ according to “an attitude of the game apparatus”
- depending on where the user is positioned in relation to the card, it can appear to “glitter”
- card system can be used to capture wild monsters and have them work with you

All the talk of capturing monsters tied in with a digital card format certainly makes it sound like this is related to Pokemon, doesn't it? All we can do is speculate, and hope that Nintendo shows off their idea behind this patent come E3 2018.