Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA - NIS live-stream recording, game runs 30FPS on Switch

Watch Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Nintendo Switch preview and gameplay! from NISAmerica on www.twitch.tv

NIS America hosted a live-stream event for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, which showed off a ton of gameplay footage, and also offered up a notable detail. NIS confirmed that the Switch version will run at 30FPS. A point I'm sure some will be disappointed to hear, but hopefully not a dealbreaker.

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!

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30 FPS is fine for me as long as it is stable. Its running on a handheld console, Maybe I just don't see what's the big deal is for others.

30fps is a dealbreaker. I’ll wait for the PS4 version to get cheaper.

Dealbreaker for me as well. I purposely held off on the PS4 version because the trailers for the Switch version showed the game running at 60fps. Now I find out I waited for nothing, and that they were deceptive with their advertising. I'll definitely be picking up the PS4 version now.

The PS4 version has less content though.

Yeah, the trailers were 60fps weren’t they? Outright deceptive.

30 FPS is fine for me as long as it is stable. Its running on a handheld console, Maybe I just don't see what's the big deal is for others.

Thu May 03 18 12:26am
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Dont see why they couldnt get it to be 60fps considering its a vita game.

The vita version ran at 30FPS too with atrocious slowdown, but the Switch port is based off the PS4 version so there's little excuse as to why it's not 60, at least in docked.

Nothing new here, NISA f***ed up like usual, translation issue, port performance issue, everything issue.
The PC version was absolute s***, so I don't have much faith in the Switch version.
Falcom should've let XSEED handle the game, even if it means there will be no Switch version. It's not worth having this game butchered just to have a Switch version (and the not so good French translation).

Is the french version that bad ?
Do we at least get to choose between french and english ? I mean I play all my games in english anyway and I hate it when I don't have that option.

From what I've heard, the English version before NISA fixed it was really bad, and the French version was worse, but NISA hasn't fixed it yet.

I don't really care to be honest. I mean of course it is disppointing since trailers had shown it to be 60fps before. But really, they seem to have kept most of the PS4 versions effects and graphical fidelity so I'm not too mad about that.

In my mind, the benefit of portability definitely counterbalances 60fps, especially in an rpg where, whatever you say fps is not too important. Ys is an action game but it's never been really demanding so yeah. It's fine.

Maybe next time NISA, DO NOT show 60fps trailers if you're not sure the end product is going to be 60 ? That seems like a good idea right ?

EDIT : also god Laxia has to be one of the hottest vg character ever. o_O I know who I'm going to main post game.

I hate that people.started to.care about.resolutions and framerates even before the game even gets to.market. it could.be the best game but most will avoid a game because.it doesn't meet some performance test that very few even notice.

I understand that 60fps is important in some types of games. I can't even imagine playing Bayo or Mario without 60fps for example. Ys is just not one of them. In a game like Ys, I'd rather get a couple more grass effects and a slightly better draw distance and not get 60fps as long as 30 is stable. That's arguably what more important in a game like Ys.

Stable 30FPS are better than sloppy 60FPS. Hadn‘t had a problem with Sonic nor Kirby. For everyone who is disappointed, just get the PS4 version, easy math.

For the people who are saying 30fps isn’t a deal... like, have you seen the way this game looks? This is something the PS3 and Xbox 360 could probably run at 60fps, maybe not at 1080p, but the point is this game is simply not graphically demanding. They should have never shown Switch trailers running at 60fps in the first place. Even Kirby Star Allies had the good sense not to fool us that way.


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