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RARE open to letting other companies use their IP, so long as they agree with the team and their vision

by rawmeatcowboy
28 May 2018
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Rare studio head Craig Duncan had some interesting things to say about how the company handles its legacy IP. His statements make it look as if other companies could potentially work with those brands to bring them back to gamers today.

"Rare has this 32-year back catalog of heritage and IP, and while I wouldn't say we were Disney or even Nintendo or SEGA or any of the other kind of long-term IP stalwarts in our business, people ask us to use stuff. It's absolutely not out of the realm of possibility, but not only does the 'why' have to be right, but the team, and the people, and 'who' have to be right." Rare is the guardian of Rare's IP. Who knows what the future holds?"

Please, someone make a new, traditional Banjo-Kazooie happen. I don't care what platform. Just make it happen!