RARE open to letting other companies use their IP, so long as they agree with the team and their vision

Rare studio head Craig Duncan had some interesting things to say about how the company handles its legacy IP. His statements make it look as if other companies could potentially work with those brands to bring them back to gamers today.

"Rare has this 32-year back catalog of heritage and IP, and while I wouldn't say we were Disney or even Nintendo or SEGA or any of the other kind of long-term IP stalwarts in our business, people ask us to use stuff. It's absolutely not out of the realm of possibility, but not only does the 'why' have to be right, but the team, and the people, and 'who' have to be right." Rare is the guardian of Rare's IP. Who knows what the future holds?"

Please, someone make a new, traditional Banjo-Kazooie happen. I don't care what platform. Just make it happen!


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Mon May 28 18 03:34pm
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This is nice PR from Rare....knowing it means squat since ya know...Microsoft Smile

Why didn’t they put this into practice?! Instead of Yooka-Laylee we could have had Banjo-Threeie

Mon May 28 18 03:34pm
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This is nice PR from Rare....knowing it means squat since ya know...Microsoft Smile

Why didn’t they put this into practice?! Instead of Yooka-Laylee we could have had Banjo-Threeie

I'd love to see a new Banjo Kazooie but I would be more excited to see them appear as a guests in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

I'm not sure, but I think they might mean letting their characters be used in other games, like perhaps Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Bros.

Mon May 28 18 04:02pm
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Yeah this. I’m sure that Rare (and Microsoft, for that matter) would LOVE to see some of their classic IP reinvigorated in the surest way possible, by adding them to the Smash roster. The question is whether Nintendo feels gracious enough to do so.

Put another way, Smash doesn’t need Banjo-Kazooie, but Banjo-Kazooie needs Smash.

Also, Fulgore in Smash please.

I think the president of Rare or something once said he's totally down for BK in Smash.

The president of Microsoft actually. Phil Spencer is a pretty cool dude.

Thanks for the correction! have trouble remembering details.

Mon May 28 18 04:00pm
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OK, that sounds good. We just need them to get a good IP first. Almost all of their IPs have crashed and burned from burnout/being medicore or heavily changed and it seemed the individuals themselves like David Wise were the best part of the company, especially with his godlike SNES music. I don't think licensing their full-owned IP to anyone else would lead to anything interesting, but I certainly do hope Rare Replay gets ported to more systems like PC and PS4 since that's the one Rare title I want to play, mainly for the first BK, their early computer games and Blast Corps since I hear it's a funny game.

Now that I think about it, they could have a Blast Corps game work with the Labo Robo Kit, perhaps. Crazy idea, but the game looks like it would be a fit for such. Don't know about most of their early Computer era titles though...

Microsoft need more games, will your help us!

This would be an epic bomb drop if Nintendo got the chance to make a Banjo Kazooie game or even if Rare got some guest characters in Smash like them or Battletoads...but it feels like to mention this means that it isn’t happening anytime soon or they’d rather keep it under wraps

Who owns Wizards & Warriors: Rare or Acclaim?

I want another 2D one. We also didn't see what happens to Kuros after he went to the FUTURE. Is Malkil dead dead or just dead again?

super kevio
Mon May 28 18 06:08pm
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I haven't seen anyone else say this in the comments yet, but doesn't that mean using old ROMs as well? Like, you know, for the N64 Classic?

Mon May 28 18 06:11pm
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That's exactly what I was thinking. What would a N64 Classic be without Banjo, Perfect Dark or Goldeneye?

Forget about an N64 classic, or a new BK game. Just please put em in smash. PLEASE PLEASE after 20 years, just do it.

Grunty could work in Smash, too

I'm sure Nintendo knows the N64 Mini would sell better if it included Rare games. I can see the possibility of them teaming up with Microsoft for it to happen. It would be an awesome E3 announcement.

Why the hell did Nintendo sell out rare?

As far as I know they didn't sell them out. They "only" owned 49% of the company and Microsoft "sneakily" bought the rest and Nintendo had to hand them over.

Microsoft didn’t sneakily buy them. Rare went courting buyers. They weren’t happy with Nintendo not increasing their capital in-line with increasing development costs.

They approached Activision first before agreeing on a sale to Microsoft.

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