Nintendo confirms Yoshi Switch's delay to 2019

The Switch eShop listing for Yoshi Switch showed the game as being bumped to 2019, but some held out hope that the Nintendo.com listing was correct, which still showed 2018. Unfortunately that's not the case, as Nintendo has officially confirmed that the game has been pushed to 2019. No word on when in 2019 the game will see release.

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Wed Jun 13 18 02:32pm
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That's terrible news. Yoshi looked great at E3 last year.

Oh no, what's happening to Yoshi for it to be delayed!?

Wed Jun 13 18 03:01pm
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Will it be another case like Yoshi's Woolly World? In that, it was 3 years between its announcement and release.

WW was announced as a screenshot, probably not even from the in-game engine, while this game was fully playable last year and looked to have a good level of polish. I’m shocked and disappointed this game is now TBD 2019. Was hyped for sure.

Wed Jun 13 18 03:30pm
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I imagine they realized they need games for 2019. They will have already burned through Mario, Zelda, Splatoon 2, Kirby, Smash, Mario Party, etc. by then. Most of which only come once or so in a console generation. Besides feeling like it could use more time in the oven, I definitely think their big picture catalog played a factor.

Wed Jun 13 18 03:31pm
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Feels like a 2018 Switch drought is coming...

I've been feeling the drought all year. If you need new games and not just ports this year has been ridiculously empty. Sadly it does not look to be getting much better for the second half of the year even though people assured me it would. I just keep telling myself that 2019 should be packed with games.

I've calmed down since yesterday but I'm still really disappointed about this. I was kind of ranting yesterday, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but this is my number one announced title I'm hyped for. I'm sure it'll be great when it comes out, but it looks so fantastic and fun and would be great to play with my oldest son. At this rate, my toddler will be old enough to play it, too.

Wed Jun 13 18 03:57pm
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Well 2019 is starting to look real good.

I'll tolerate any number of delays as long as the finished game releases with online play. The little bit I've seen of the game looks like it'd be great to play with my friend in co-op, but said friend lives on the other side of the country.

So it's just two games delayed next year..big deal.

Atleast we still have plenty other ges to come.

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