Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime talks surprising fans, more to show in "weeks and months ahead," comments on lootboxes, stock drop, and more

The following comments come from Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime...

- Nintendo is a company that loves to surprise fans
- Reggie says Nintendo has a lot more up their sleeves and a lot more to show in the "weeks and months ahead"
- Reggie says "who knows" as to why Nintendo stock dropped
- Nintendo wants to tell them about content and then launch it to drive excitement
- the pacing of news/releases will drive the Switch forward
- trial events like Mario Tennis Aces let Nintendo learn more about the challenges in network play
- once again, Switch options without the dock in Japan are not coming to North America
- In Dec 2017, 3DS grew by 27% year on year in North America
- in this year, 3DS business is up 10% in North America
- Reggie says lootboxes have gotten a bad wrap
- a gameplay mechanic that offers the consumer something to buy when they're not sure what's inside can be interesting as long as it's not the only way to get those items
- Reggie believes Furukawa is a great pick for Nintendo's next president
- Nintendo wants to create content that brings people together and encourage the community to go from their with eSports
- Reggie says the number of analysts who have "gotten it right" over the years is very small
- Nintendo holds things close to their chest and loves to surprise, and they surprise big
- Reggie says "don't worry" about analysts


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light wolf
Wed Jun 13 18 07:40pm
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It's not like he can publicly admit that they had a weak E3, especially with the event still in progress.

Reggie says "who knows" as to why Nintendo stock dropped

That right there is a perfect example of why I dislike Reggie so much. We all know the reason why the stock price dropped, Reggie knows why too but he instead chose to lie. Investors weren't impressed with Nintendo's E3 Direct, that's why Reggie.

light wolf
Wed Jun 13 18 07:40pm
Rating: 14 (Updated 1 time)

It's not like he can publicly admit that they had a weak E3, especially with the event still in progress.

Right....and to Sligeach, that’s not entirely true. The stock plummeted some 6% or so PRIOR to E3. Yes their E3 showing didn’t help the matter either., but he was more or less responding to the drop the week or days prior.

That's more BS. The stock did not plummet 6% prior to E3. That's a lie. Are you Reggie in disguise? Nintendo's stock price has been falling very slowly since about 23rd January as I'm sure investors are concerned about the lack of new games from Nintendo. Labo has been a failure. Anyway if you look at the chart below you'll see Nintendo's share price at 3pm GMT on Tuesday at the close of business, 2 hours before Nintendo's E3 Direct.

At the very start of business on Wednesday the share price took a very sharp downwards turn and it's been falling since. You'll also notice that the share price had been rising slightly in the lead up to E3 as investors had been anticipating a good show from Nintendo. That was completely wiped out and a lot more besides after a poor and disappointing E3. You can check it out in more detail below:


Thu Jun 14 18 07:43am
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Sligeach.... please stop with the utter BS!! I am an investor w/ Nintendo who pays very close attention to these things. Please take a look at what I said as opposed to your convenient window that fits your narrative.

May 30th, 2018: NTDOY Shares were $51.34

June 6th, 2018: NTDOY Shares were $45.09

That’s like a 12% drop. They slightly rebounded then fell right back down again with the E3 showing. To say they didn’t suffer a HUGE drop between the Pokemon announcement and E3 is JUST FALSE!! Stop spreading lies and acting as if you know better....you don’t. Am I Reggie in disguise??? Please, this is absolutely ridiculous and you should learn to check yourself before you start throwing slander. Shameful.

EDIT: And I said 6% loss in the initial post b/c that was roughly the net loss after the quick Pokemon gains following the LGP/LGE reveals.

More rubbish and what's worse I gave you a thumbs up instead of hitting the reply button. I said the share price has been falling slowly since January. Can you read? It doesn't change the fact that shares dropped 6% the day after their E3 Direct and we all know why except for ostriches. If you like I can show you the graph for the past month. I also provided a link so people can see the bigger picture.

Thu Jun 14 18 09:12am
(Updated 2 times)

Wow, totally wish I wasn’t on mobile so I could also provide images to support my claim. And for reference, NTODY would be a more accurate reflection of the NA market than TYO, which is what Reggie is referring to.

My parents bought @ $50.00 even, just prior to the Pokemon reveal, so I have been monitoring closely to keep them in the loop regarding trends. According to your claim, it’s been dropping steadily since Jan....that’s false. That trend didn’t start till the end of March.

Oh, wow! Look at your image you posted...it totally supports my claim!! Look at the drop at roughly May 31 according to your image. That’s a HUGE drop, irrespective of the E3 conference (hence why this is even a conversation!). Reggie was referring to that huge fall around that time frame. But yet you say “I’m lying” by speaking a fact that the shares dropped 12% PRIOR to E3? IT DID!!!

Sligeach, I spent two years reading your blatantly-trolling comments over at Nintendo Life. They were over your BS, so now you found a new place to spread your pessimism. Stick to facts, not narrative. Just some advice. Keep increasing the scope of your graphs & images...it will only further support my claims.

Edit: NTDOY, not NTODY...whoops.

I can think of two E3s, 2008 and 2015, when Iwata publicly apologized for their showing because of people's disappointment, immediately once they noticed it.

Nintendo is staying strong even when their stock mysteriously dropped! I love surprises from Nintendo and I’m looking forward to see what will be coming to Switch and 3DS.

If there was any E3 where I would have expected Nintendo to bring it hard it would have been this one.

The Switch is a very successful system; beyond what Nintendo or anyone else expected. But Nintendo hasn't released many new games this year, instead buying time by releasing a bunch of ports. They also have drastically cut back on 3ds development. So what have they been doing? They should have been on top of the world, full of swagger, and had a ton of announcements. Instead, based on this presentation you would think Nintendo has no idea what they are doing or how to take advantage of the Switch's success.

I wasn't expecting any surprises honestly all I wanted to see was stuff Nintendo already announced a year ago and they didn't show most of it. They showed Fire Emblem but it got delayed, Yoshi got delayed too and wasn't even shown. You could've AT LEAST shown another stage on Treehouse Live..., Bayonetta 3 not even a CGI story trailer, Prime 4 MIA. If they would've showed those along with Smash and the surprise Mario Party announcement I would've been content. No complaints from me but what little they showed and how long they focused on Smash (it really should have been it's own direct closer to launch) was a huge let down.

I don't think asking to see stuff we already know about was asking to much. Not like I was going in expecting a new Animal Crossing, Pikmin, F-Zero, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Retro's new title (though we should REALLY know what this is by now it's been 5 years since Tropical Freeze, I'm starting to think their is some serious problems going on over there in Texas right now..) to be announced but damn something more than Mario Party and a half hour of Smash. With a little bit of already seen footage of Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Evee...

I mostly agree. For me a great E3 is going to put previously announced games on display while also having some significant new announcements. I definitely expected to see Retro's game.

I mean for me two of the biggest announcements were actually the delays of Fire Emblem and Yoshi. Not good. Delays shouldn't be the most memorable things to take away from an E3. What did you think about the Fire Emblem trailer by the way?

I was curious what you thought about Microsofts E3 but it looks like the story with that discussion was deleted. I mean, they had some big exclusive game announcements and also they surprised me with their third party support. It just seemed like they put up more of a fight than before.

I'm not the biggest Fire Emblem fan (I like them but don't love them) to me it looked like Fire Emblem in HD on Switch and that's good enough for me. The only two FE games I've played are Radiant Dawn and Awakening and didn't complete either. Oh and Warriors too if that counts.

As for Microsoft I really enjoyed their conference they showed a lot it was non-stop game trailers/reveals no shitty musical performances, no cringe comedy skits. Straight and to the point. I enjoyed theirs. They were right under Sony for me. Problem is I'm not a fan of Microsoft's trinity so those games did nothing for me was more interested in the 3rd party stuff which I can get on PS4 but props to Microsoft for presentation and securing the reveals. Microsoft did good but to me it's also elevated by the fact I always go into Microsoft presses with the lowest of expectations because like I said all they ever reveal is Forza, Gears, and Halo and I don't care about those.

- Reggie says lootboxes have gotten a bad wrap
- a gameplay mechanic that offers the consumer something to buy when they're not sure what's inside can be interesting as long as it's not the only way to get those items

Well take a look at the mess that was Battlefront 2 and yes the bad wrap was warranted. Sure, offer players a way to still earn said items in game, just 1000x slower or you can just pay to win. But at least if anyone is going to do lootboxes right for a game I would probably trust Nintendo to implement them fairly.

Don't get your hopes up, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has them and some items have as low a percentage as 1% to get the item you want, not to mention Fire Emblem Heroes had a story of "Man spends $1000 in a week and still doesnt get everything"
Yeah that's a sleazy mobile title, but mobile title schemes shouldn't be in home console titles anyway imo.

Oh, that makes sense with the mobile market and how freemium games work. I hate the mechanic, but I agree hopefully that kind of crap doesn't spill over to the home console market.

Why’d their stock drop during E3? Maybe their investors are a bunch of old guys sitting at their computers in basement?

Nintendo investors are often times reactionary, and without a clue of the bigger picture. (Much like the average commentator on Nintendo fansites)
They thought Nintendo was responsible for Pokémon Go, and stock dropped after the original Switch reveal because it was not a direct Playstation/Xbox competitor. Also there's a particularly infamous remark when an investor complained to Iwata in an investor's Q&A as to why they spent so much time talking about video games.

You are 100% correct about “the big picture”. The writing is on the wall for 2019/2020. Yes, they didn’t have a great 2018, b/c they are saving their cards for where it counts (19/20). That’s when the SMB & Pokemon movies come out, that’s when the theme park opens, that’s when the Olympics are in Japan, that’s when.....etc.

They are prepping themselves for an unstoppable 2019/2020. The worldwide coverage they will have during the olympics will be HUUGGGGEEEEE. It’s free marketing. Not to mention the talks about making E-sports an Olympic sport. I’d imagine the IOCC is VERRYYY particular about what maturity content levels will be allowed, and based on track record & image alone (family friendly), Nintendo will likely be on their short list for applicants for the event.

I almost laugh at the “knee-jerk” reactions to Nintendo in the interim. They restructured many of their financial assets over the past 4 years...all prepping for 2019 & 2020.

Please don't pretend like lootboxes are innocent features, Reggie. In no way, shape, or form are they a good thing for your company's fans. They're the definition of an anti-consumer feature. If you must continue to implement them, keep them to your freemium mobile shit, not paid games.

So what about virtual console?

Already long announced it's not coming

Thu Jun 14 18 05:37am
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Loving all the stock market experts in the comment section here. lol

“When we approach an event like E3 we show content that will launch over the next six to nine months, and no more.”

You mean like the time you showed footage for Breath of the Wild 3 years before its release?


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