Site Updates: Rules for Foe-ing and Tweaks to Reporting

Hello. It's everyone's "favorite" GoNintendo web guy!

A couple changes regarding blocking users and reported comments have just been implemented.

Updates to blocking users

GoNintendo has a user blocking system (also known as "Foes"). See those little eye icons with a line going through them on comments? This allows you to block a user. You may also block and manage your blocked users in your user profile.

Blocking a user does the following things:

  • You will no longer see comments from this user. This applies to both comments in stories and discussion topics. Note that the blocked user will still be able to see your comments.
  • They won't be able to reply to any of your comments directly. Likewise, you won't be able to reply to any of theirs.
  • They will not be able to send a private message to you nor will you be able to send a private message to them.

All that said, the following tweaks to the system have been put into place:

  • You are not allowed to block a user you just replied to in comments until 30 minutes have passed. Meaning no "I get the last word in and now you can retort."
  • There is now a 15 minute cool down between blocking a user and then blocking another
  • Once you block a user, you may not unblock them until at least 24 hours have passed

Be aware that the above timings may change in the future (read: Probably as soon as cortjezter finds my code)

Like always, you are never able to block story writers such as Rawmeat and Nintendaan or moderators such as cortjezter. (Protip: While I do have admin powers, I'm in neither of those groups... just putting it out there)

Finally, the following changes have been applied regarding reported comments:

  • Reported comments will now show for all to see but will include a small banner over them. This is to prevent "censorship" or "hiding comments containing different opinions". Moderators will take applicable action as normal.
  • Site admins now have the ability to disable comment reporting for a user.

As always, if you experience any problems, feel free to let me know in comments or on my Twitter. I also get notified on every site error that happens, so if you get a "BSOD page" for whatever reason, I'll know about it.


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Fri Aug 03 18 06:43pm
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blocking comments/users is for pansies.

Those changes make a lot of sense. Congratulations to the whole team for maintaining such a well-run site.

Ok, ok, ok. My curiousity is killing me here... WHY all this?

As the post states, certain users have been abusing the block system to silence rebuttals and arguments and then gloat about it, instead of just using the feature as intended to block harassment.

Ah. Somehow I didn't catch that. Thanks a bunch.

Personally I never bock anyone. I can just ignore them. But to each their own I guess.

I'm sure most people do, or just stay silent on blocking if they do so.
Certain other users just abuse the system to be jerks to others, or to rant unopposed by rebuttals.

OK. Do we mortals know who these jerks are? Or is that just for the admins etc to know? Just curious! ;)

Droping names would be grossly irresponsible of the staff, but I imagine the culprit(s) are likely any of the users who joined within the last year's worth and comment frequently, as that's when shenanigans have been ramping up more than they usually do.

We're all likely thinking the same user(s), but for us to guess out loud would just be heresay and equally irresponsible. :V

I have an idea, but I'll keep out of it and, hold tight, play some games ;)

Fri Aug 03 18 08:06pm
Rating: 2

Most of the jerks either get banned or move onto other sites without much fanfare. As it should be 👍

Well, some people refuse to accept they were wrong, I guess. I guess I wont mis 'em! But there has been some nasty trolling on here this...year I think.

Oh well! Cheers!

No, I don't think we can know. But the Admin know who they are. I can say I was the victim a couple of times, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my posts and they remained unedited and weren't deleted by the powers that be upon inspection. I could guess who one or two of them may be, but it would just be speculation. think I've only 2 people on my ignore list and one in particular would be a prime suspect. He used to harass me on another site. I quickly blocked him when tried that crap here.

Sat Aug 04 18 01:19am
Rating: 3

Sliggy is referring to me as being the prime suspect. I never once reported a comment of his to the admins here.

As for our interaction on that other site (NintendoLife), well, I'm not the one they banned.

Fri Aug 03 18 06:43pm
Rating: 6 (Updated 1 time)

blocking comments/users is for pansies.

Sometimes reporting is not about harassment or personal attacks, but about rules or other issues.

And our rules aren't for pansies, if that's what you're thinking 😎 Lots of ex users can vouch.

It has its uses.

Reporting comments simply because you don’t agree with the opinion is childish and I’ve seen that happen here (not to my comments).

On that note, people are within their rights to criticise Nintendo or any developer/publisher/game for whatever reason they like. Even if it seems constant “hate”. As long as they were not directing personal hate at any users or using obscene language there is no reason a comment should be reported.

That’s where the blocking comes in. If you’re a user and you’re tired of seeing, what you might call “constant hate” and you may have tried reporting the “hater” a few times or you feel the need to reply to the “hater” asking “why are you here?”, then that’s where you should block the person so you no longer see their comments.

Keep in mind if you view the story while not logged into Gonintendo you can still see all comments 😜

I remember not too long back when a users comment was reported and (temporarily) taken down just because they had an unpopular opinion about turn based combat. These are great changes, but I don't see much of a point in waiting 24 hours to unblock someone. If you regret blocking someone then you might have completely forgotten about the whole thing after 24 hours. I'm just not sure if I understand, unless it's to keep people from repeatedly trying to get the last word or something?

Fri Aug 03 18 06:44pm
Rating: 1

It's an attempt to prevent the chain of reply, block, unblock and reply, block again.

And as mentioned, the timings could change in the future.

Fri Aug 03 18 07:04pm
Rating: 1

Lol Rickola. I like the cut of your jib.

Fri Aug 03 18 07:13pm
Rating: 1

Sounds great. Too bad it’s necessary but some people will always abuse a laid back system for their own self righteous crusades.

Fri Aug 03 18 07:54pm
Rating: 2

These sound like great changes, especially the 30-minute cooldown after replying to someone. I wouldn't have thought of that, but it's a clever solution. Good work, everyone!

Fri Aug 03 18 11:53pm
Rating: 2

Yes, now I can block T27Duck! :D

In terms of harassment, and say, people who kind of just shadow your posts everywhere and start making jerk replies to almost anything you say (has happened to people in the past, including myself), when THAT kind of behavior happens, that deserves a block.

And to me, if blocking someone makes it so you can no longer see their posts, it should also make it so they can't see yours at all. Just because they can't reply directly, doesn't mean they can't still, let's say, see your posts, and make a post "not really replying" but basically still crap-talking you out loud, without you even knowing about it. I just feel like a FB type system works, in that case, where a block means you can't see each other, period.

Yeah I like your approach.

However there’s always ways around it.
For example if we were in that scenario where I would shadow post crap as a reply to all your comments.

I can’t reply directly to you if you blocked me today but I could “quote” you and still make my snarky comment towards you.

If I couldn’t see your post I could just logout if GN, view the comments as a “guest”, read your comment and copy it, log back in and then do the “quote” and reply thing.

Someone would have to be a pretty big psycho to do that but it can be done.

@cort and @T27Duck
What about making the comments visible only to logged in users?

That would be cort's call

I think the community is small enough as it is, and closing itself from foreign speech is never a healthy decision, just amplifies the echo chamber. Different views should always be encouraged, as long as it's done in a well argued, respectful way.

If a guy goes out of his way to harass someone, it should qualify for reporting and banning right away.

I completely agree. I’m against blocking or reporting difference of opinion. Civil conversation and debate is what makes a community great.

Sat Aug 04 18 10:18am
Rating: 1

There will likely always be a way to abuse or skirt the system if you look or try hard enough, but finding or exploiting loopholes doesn't free anyone from still having to follow the rules and behave civilly towards others.

Mods and banning help fill in those cracks 🚫🔨

Thanks for the reply and thanks to you and T27Duck for actively engaging and making changes for the betterment of everyone.

This makes sense to me; if you block someone, you shouldn't see their posts anymore but they also shouldn't see yours.

The problem with that is someone could block you and then talk trash about you without you knowing.

Sat Aug 04 18 01:31pm
(Updated 1 time)

If you blocked me I could still trash talk you without you knowing too in the current system.

Nice little updates. Thanks Duck!


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