RUMOR - New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U coming to Switch

One of the Wii U's first games could be making its way to Switch. Multiple inside sources are claiming that New Super Mario Bros. U, and the New Super Luigi U expansion could be seeing release on Switch in a single package. The compilation, called New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, could hit the Switch at some point this year. Sources aren't 100% sure, but it seems that there might be some other bonus content included.


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Thu Aug 16 18 04:06pm
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You know - a NEW Super Mario All-Stars would be a better solution imho.

I never got around to actually getting these on Wii U so I might go for this.

You should, this is an awesome mario game. And it´s a great challenge.

Look I'm all for porting old games on the Switch but why would you want to port one of the games that caused the Wii U to under perform?

Thu Aug 16 18 03:41pm
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Thu Aug 16 18 03:59pm
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"I didn't like it so it's objectively bad"

Personally I think it's the best one in the NSMB series, but honestly I don't know just how much another NSMB game would sell since it quickly reached franchise fatigue although it could be a nice pickup for some if it's released at a discounted price, although knowing Nintendo who knows.

I do hope we see a Mario Maker Deluxe/2 some time in the future though.

I never said that they are bad games at all, they are far from it. I just think they don't showcase Nintendo at there absolute best like their other games

caused the Wii U to under perform?

Caused? How does a game cause a system to under perform? How does the 3rd best selling Wii U game cause the system to under perform?
Best selling game if you combine the units of NSMBU and Luigi sales.

Smash sold less so guess it was more the cause of the Wii U failure.

that was the third most selling game in the console

what on earth are you talking about?!

your tastes=/=facts

Okay I will admit that I did not plan out what I said that well. I'm sorry about that.

I don't think any game on the Wii U lead to it's downfall. It was the system itself. It's name, it's marketing, it's gimmick. The games were all great, and that's why we are seeing them all get ports.

Was waiting for this to happen. Still one of my favorite Wii U games. After this port hopefully it’s not long till the series gets another installment

Why would they port this and not Mario Maker?

One word. Stylus.

Using your finger isn’t as precise, holding the Switch with one hand isn’t as easy as the Gamepad (gamepad was much much lighter) and probably puts stress on the joy-con connector if you’re not holding both sides.

Those are my thoughts why Mario Maker hasn’t been seen for Switch. It’s not impossible but there are certain “challenges” I can see Nintendo wanting to overcome.

Couldn't you use motion controls instead? Also, the Wii u version didn't have a stylus and used fingers as well.

Fri Aug 17 18 03:35am
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I’m talking Mario Maker yeah?

Could it use motion? That would be news to me.
Update: http://supermariomaker.nintendo.com/manual/page_13.html

No you needed the gamepad to make levels but the Wii remote could be used only to play levels.

Yeah you can still use a finger on Wii U, but my point is that it isn’t as precise as the stylus. The Wii U came with a stylus.

Thu Aug 16 18 03:56pm
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Disappointed it isn't Mario 3D World or Mario Maker, both of which are SIGNIFICANTLY better games. It's hard to play this one after playing the others. (Why isn't Mario 3D World on Switch? SUCH a great co-op game!)

This franchise was good on the Wii, and just ok on WiiU (Luigi was interesting, Mario was meh).

Now if they removed the micro-pause every time someone died, that would be interesting.

I agree 3D World is a much better game, but I suppose they want a 2d Mario on the Switch.

Thu Aug 16 18 03:56pm
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Wanna bet they took out the Boost block mode and 5-player co-op?

Thu Aug 16 18 04:06pm
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You know - a NEW Super Mario All-Stars would be a better solution imho.

I remember camping out in front of Old Navy for this game

Thu Aug 16 18 04:22pm
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You know what I'd buy? A "New Super Mario Bros." that is based on Super Mario Bros. 2. Bring me back to the world of Subcon and let me fight Wart again, in all new stages.

Thu Aug 16 18 04:26pm
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I thoroughly enjoyed this whole package on Wii U and 100%’d it.

That said, it wouldn’t be too much work to make a brand new game even in the same art style. But if this is a budget port at like €20 then I might replay.

The NSMB games have all been top sellers for Nintendo’s last systems since the DS so makes sense for the Switch to have a copy but I’d rather it be a new iteration.

I’d love a truly new 2D Mario platformer in a 16bit style. C’mon Nintendo you love cashing in on nostalgia!

What a weird choice when both Mario Maker and Mario 3D World exist. This game may be the most forgettable game Nintendo has made. All I remember is the final boss battle and the starry night inspired world/level. Not to mention the New Super Mario Bros. games are so lazy and phoned in. I bet Nintendo probably could've made a new one by now on Switch. All the games are so similar that they really do feel like ports of each other.


Ok I get it. Wii u ports sell a lot on Switch. And NSMBU was a very successful game on Wii U.

I just wished for a new 2D Mario instead of a port...

Another Wii U port I would skip personally. It's also one of those things where I'd rather they wait to make a new 2D Mario, rather than saturate the market with more Mario.

This port isn't necessary. 3D World was a much better game and would benefit from online play.

If they add in online co-op, I'll support this. If it's just a quick port job with nothing new added then I have absolutely 0 interest. But I hope to God they're not dumb enough to think they can get away with charging full price for it...

I feel like they should have just gone for broke and had NSMB Wii in there, too.

I really want Mario maker on switch.

Thu Aug 16 18 05:25pm
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Yawn. Next to DKC:TF and Rayman Legends this game is a showcase in laziness. This'll be the first first-party Wii U port I won't double dip on.

Solid, for sure. Not a bad game by any means but if there was ever a case for resting on laurels, NSMBU was it (and NSMB2 went even further).

NSLU is good because the levels end quicker and NSMBU has the challenge mode but this port has no reason to exist when they could be porting other more deserving games like Tokyo Mirage with all the DLC included, Mario Maker or Xenoblade X. This just screams of desperation to fill in the game drought taking place this fall for first party games

A port of an uninspired sequel of an uninspired sequel of a decent idea. Great. And its New Game + mode they sold as its own title.

I mean, people like it. Fine. But give us something new! Or just give us Mario Maker. Let the New line die.

How about just make a new NSMB and actually try to do something innovating with it.

If the porting process is easy I'm all for Nintendo porting all their 1st party Wii U games to the Switch. But if this takes away from a new 2d Mario then I would say don't bother with it. I am actually ready for a new 2d Mario series. The "New" series is ok but I was tired of it after the last game on the 3DS.

Fri Aug 17 18 12:52am
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Yes I would love to see this happen as I never got the Wii u.

Also Nintendo, while we're at it. Please port super Mario 3d world as well. That would really make my day.

Hopefully after this the "New" series will be put to rest and we can move onto other more innovative 2D Mario games. The series hasn't been close to "New" since 2006, despite having small sparks of good ideas throughout its seven year run.


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