A running tally of Switch games that don't support cloud save backup

As we just shared, Splatoon 2 isn't going to support the cloud save backup feature coming to Switch Online. While not confirmed, it seems that this might have something to do with cheat prevention. While we wait for an explanation from Nintendo, we have a list of games that will also skip over cloud save backup. This information comes from Nintendo.com. If more are discovered, we'll make sure to update the list.

- Pokémon Let's Go
- NBA 2K19
- FIFA 19
- Dead Cells
- Dark Souls Remastered

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Fri Sep 07 18 08:49pm
Rating: 3

Leave it to Nintendo to screw up a simple feature.

My fears about the cloud saving are coming true.

this might have something to do with cheat prevention

If true, cheater will find other ways to cheat. This is not a solution at all and it's just classic Nintendo being behind technologically again

Fri Sep 07 18 04:06pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

it seems that this might have something to do with cheat prevention.

And like with anti-piracy measures, the honest gamer is the one punished.

I can somewhat understand Pokemon, but they could implement measures to support backing up the save.

Fri Sep 07 18 04:53pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Pokemon and Splatoon!? Those are the type of games you put hundreds of hours into and keep coming back to! It really isn't acceptable to not support cloud saves because of an incompetent anti-cheat system.

How on Earth do you think it "isn't confirmed." It's from their site.

Ah, I read the 'not confirmed' in the article as applying to this. I also hadn't yet read it on Nintendo's site and assumed that most games had a thing saying that they supported it and these games hadn't so it may be added, but it explicitly says that they won't.

That makes total sense. I was just thinking "They aren't going to publicize it much more clearly than this, since it's bummer news." I hope they can figure out anti-cheat methods that obviate the need for this, but in the meantime, may we never need cloud saves!

They'd probably have to bring it up in some way, because they are 2 major games that you would otherwise expect to support the feature.

Fri Sep 07 18 07:05pm
(Updated 2 times)

I was going to pay the online sub just for cloud saves since Nintendo wants ransom for my save files safety. It looks like though its implementation is complete garbage, so I guess I will save myself that money.

Fri Sep 07 18 08:49pm
Rating: 3

Leave it to Nintendo to screw up a simple feature.

yet somehow Sony, and Microsoft, and Valve allow all of their games to be saved to the cloud. Maybe Nintendo should just bite the bullet and ask for help on how to prevent what "cheats" they're looking to avoid by preventing some of their biggest games from being saved to the cloud...

Even the PS3 allowed select games that can't be backed up all the time to only have a backup every 24 hours... Punishing people over stupid paranoia of hacking is also why the switch's internet browser isn't usable despite being right there. I don't know why Nintendo fell down this path, but it seems they're been hardcore on it since the Wii U and I'm upset because of that since the Wii U shouldn't have made them scared of everything, as it had a lot of good merits for people who owned it.

Sat Sep 08 18 11:00am
(Updated 2 times)

It's absolutely crucial that Nintendo gets this right, otherwise hacking will be the only way to have a backup of your own save data in all the games you own. Previous Nintendo systems didn't have this issue since you could back-up save data to either the cartridge itself or to a memory card, but unfortunately Nintendo wants to do things their own way. They've gotten so afraid of "HACKERZ" that they're screwing regular consumers out of basic features expected out of games. Even the NES allowed for cartridge saves, so if your NES died your save data wouldn't.

with voice chat. You could do simple headset voice chat where the headset is connected directly to the system back in the DS days in games like Metroid Prime Hunters, now...NOPE.

*sigh* (at least we don't have to deal with friend codes anymore...one step forward, several steps back.)


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