Suda51 says only a third of the content planned for Killer7 made it into the game, would love to make a 'complete version'

Suda51 has talked openly about a potential sequel to Killer7, stating numerous times that he's into the idea. Now in an interview with USGamer, we learn a bit more about the original game, and what Suda51 would like to do in the future. It seems Suda51 is actually more keen on reworking the original game to include all the content that was first planned.

"I'd certainly think of something and try something else [if Capcom asked], but by the same token, this is a game that Grasshopper put its all into, and it's all very complete and rounded in what it is, so I'm pretty happy with how it is. However, one thing that's important to note is that actually, what made it into the game is only one third of what was written. There's two thirds kind of on the cutting floor. So rather than maybe a sequel, one thing I'd love to do would be to make a complete version of the game where we're able to put in all the stuff that had been cut. So that's why it's really important for NIS America to make sure this game does well, to maybe help realize things like that. Which would allow Capcom to maybe revisit the game overall and say, 'Hey maybe there's something else we can do here.'"

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So... a sequel? I allow it!

For some reason i have to think about George Lucas when Suda say things like these.

I'm sorry, i'm not sure if i want a game that had the perfect action adventure length expanded into a 50 hour monstrousity that outstays it's welcome, or if i really want every mystery to get explained.


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