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Recent comments by Stormy Daniels mentioning Toad caused a 2,296% increase in searches for Toad-related pornography

by rawmeatcowboy
23 September 2018
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An adult website has sent out a press release about how their traffic changed following comments by Stormy Daniels that made reference to Nintendo's Toad. I'll keep the press release after the jump, as to hide from sensitive eyes.

You asked, YouPorn answered. Curiosity has swarmed the nation since the release of Stormy Daniels’ comment regarding a certain mushroom-shaped penis, apparently closely resembling the famous Mario character, Toad. Not only have searches for Stormy Daniels increased by 477% in the past day, but YouPorn has experienced a 310% increase in searches for the term “toad.”

On September 18th user searches for “Toad” increased by 504% and then again on September 19th searches increased by 2296%! The truth is in the details.