Gravilogic working on "Switchblades"; Stylish Rail Covers for the Switch (Kickstarter coming)


Switchblades are stylish rail covers for the Nintendo Switch. They easily slide into the console rails and lock in place. Switchblades protect the console’s electrical leads from exposure, prevent damage to the rails if dropped, and give your Switch a very sharp and classy appearance. Switchblades come in over two dozen different styles including stately hardwoods, vibrant acrylics, and even an aluminum alloy design.


Mineral oil and beeswax finish
Countersink screws
Low-friction polymer
Positive locking latch
Solid hardwood

We use countersink screws along with a low-friction polymer to ensure that the Switchblades don’t scratch or mar the black coating on the console rails. We only use solid hardwood; no cheap particle board with a fragile veneer! The wood is soaked with mineral oil to bring out its vibrant colors and coated with beeswax to provide a protective finish. Finally, we designed a positive locking mechanism that works with the console rails. The Switchblades install with a satisfying audible click and won’t accidentally slide off the rails.


Our positive locking mechanism is designed to slide into the rails with an audible click. It is easily removable with a single finger motion, yet it will not accidentally release itself. We have put the mechanism through over 3,000 install & removal cycles to ensure that the Switchblades will last for many years of use.

The Switchblades protect the electrical leads on the console from exposure. They stop debris from collecting unseen inside the console rails. If dropped, the Switchblades can prevent the rails from getting bent out of shape. If you don’t like leaving fingerprints on the glass screen, the Switchblades also give you something to grab onto with both hands while you dock and undock the console.

Gravilogic will be running a Kickstarter soon for their Switchblades design. We'll make sure to link you in when the project goes live.

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Thu Oct 18 18 04:22pm
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Nice product, Gravilogic.
Just make sure pins 7 and 10 are grounded, will ya?
For ... safety reasons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That actually does look pretty nice. I've always felt like the Switch unit itself looks kind of "bare" without the joycons on. The wood grain is classy.

Why would you cover the rails? Its not like the dust can get inside of those rails to begin with.

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