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Fri Oct 19 18 07:55am
Rating: 2

Not sure what's worse, how utterly white bread boring the game looks compared to Transformed, or how bad these people were at actually playing it.

Fri Oct 19 18 08:56am
Rating: 1

This just looks the most boring racing ever

It's classic SEGA cutting corners. Why are their 21 tracks in the game but all of them are only spread through 7 locations? Why does the game look slow as crap? I bet playing as Silver from 06 with his ground speed you could probably get through these tracks faster than the characters in cars. Why do the graphics look lackluster? How does this game not have a set release date yet? We've only got 2 more months until release. Nothing about this game seems fun/polished/ready for release. The only thing going for it so far is Jun Senoue's soundtrack...

So much cringe

No buy for me

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