Nintendo ending all video streaming services on Wii after Jan. 31st, 2019

Netflix is sending out an email to customers about support of their Wii app, as service is ending on Jan. 31st, 2019.

Unfortunately, Nintendo will suspend all video streaming services on Wii—including the Netflix Channel—after January 31, 2019. We hope you’ll soon enjoy an even better Netflix experience with additional features on a supported device. Please visit netflix.com/wii for our device list.

If you're using the Wii for streaming services, you have a few months left to find another device to stream on!

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I don't use my Wii for Netflix but I find this very strange. What does it even have to do with Nintendo? It should work as long as the Netflix app is up to date and compatible with what Netflix is doing on their side.

The Netflix app has been running very poorly on the Wii the last several times I've tried to use it. Obviously they're not performing upkeep on it anymore. Guess this is for the best.

Netflix has no say in this. "Unfortunately, Nintendo will suspend all video streaming services on Wii".

Interesting Netflix calling out Nintendo by name here.
They really must not be getting along these days.

RIP Switchflix.

The Wii is thirteen years old at this point. I doubt Netflix doesn't understand why Nintendo isn't supporting it anymore. I doubt Netflix cares.

It's just time to move on, kiddos. It's OK.

Didn’t actually know Netflix was on Wii. I don’t remember having the App.

Fri Nov 09 18 08:59am
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Slightly unrelated, but I miss the news and weather channels. The wii is easily my least favorite Nintendo console, but it did have some cool stuff. It's sad to see it all go away forever.

I think I still have the physical version of Netflix on Wii... That ancient disc, I had to get order by mail before they figured out how to do it as a wii shop channel. I mainly use Youtube/Amazon Prime now but it still brings back memories

The Wii Shop Channel closes in January so Netflix won't be able to provide updates in the future. Also, I'm curious to know how many people are using Netflix on the Wii. There are just so many better and more convenient choices! I feel like a potato could run Netflix. :P


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