Smash Bros. Ultimate will not allow for custom moves or equippable items

Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS let you add in custom moves to your favorite characters, but that's not going to be the case with Smash Bros. Ultimate. A Nintendo rep confirmed that custom moves will not return, unless you're playing as the Mii Fighter. Equippable items have also been removed.


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Tue Nov 20 18 05:45pm
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The real answer is nothing.

That's a really funny image above. This is yet more features that the Wii U version did better.

What other features do you think Smash 4 did better?

Tue Nov 20 18 05:45pm
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The real answer is nothing.

Once saw an "argument" (can't remember where) that the Wii U verson looked a lot more REALISTIC than Ultimate.....

He always disappears when he's asked to provide his reasoning. He sounds like a Russian Bot during an election.

Please don't lie. There's no trophies, that wouldn't have been too difficult, most already exist. We don't know if Smash the Targets is still there or if Home Run Contest still exists. Both are relatively simple features, they have to be included. It's still going to be an awesome game, but I don't like how they hide the negatives until the end.

Please decide what your stance is. You shout that the game is nothing but an enhanced port, but then cry foul when the game doesn’t have features or modes of the Wii U version, which contradicts the notion it’s being a port in the first place.

Educate yourself or pipe down.

Tue Nov 20 18 07:41pm
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Let's be impartial enough for a second here, this just piles up to the fairly sized list of features either scrapped or missing from Ultimate, which already included Home Run Contest, Trophies, Smash Run, Stage Builder...even more if you include things that neither me nor pretty much anyone else cared like Smash Tour.

Which in my oppinion...is not that bad really. This features make the old games still valuable to play and own, I will need to boot my 3DS version of Smash if I have ever the desire to play Home Run Contest on the go, Smash Run or use Mario with scalding Fludd and a I'm fine with that.

But lets not grow a narrative of Ultimate making every previous smash or 4 specifically, obsolete, because it will not.

I mean, it's only really a loss from a Quantity Vs. Quality standpoint. I don't think you remember how things were in the Wii U version...

Competitively, custom moves threw off balancing so much, some had to be strictly banned. And for casual play, it was far too much of a novelty with little pay-off. Not unlike Smash Tour or the Wii U's version of "Classic Mode".

Let's also not forget the completely random unlocking process. If your friend (or venue) didn't put in the footwork to unlock all the moves or item things on every system, you couldn't play the way you wanted to if you relied on custom moves.

Ok, this sucks. I din't use that often in Smash WU, but it did give the game some extra spice.

Now we have other spices.

Tue Nov 20 18 06:00pm
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Indeed. The game is jam packed and I will probably be playing it hundreds of hours! =)

But this and trophies are two things I would have liked the kept. But OK. You win some, you lose some!

That's just how I feel about Nintendo in general. Every generation we lose a bunch but we make gains elsewhere.

I liked the idea, but it took way too much effort for me to get used to these moves. It was also a terrible idea to make each customizable move unlockable. I’m still missing out on plenty of moves in the Wii U version, despite the hundreds of hours I’ve put in the game.

I'm fine with this. I felt like the custom moves overcomplicated things. I want to get used to a fighter and the moves they have without having to wonder which moves have been changed.

The exception was the Mii Fighter, which they thankfully kept the custom moves for.

I only used the custom moves with the Amiibo fighters, but it took to long to open the moves.

Tue Nov 20 18 08:24pm
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Custom moves were a cool idea, but undercooked, as most fighters just had "stronger and slower" and "faster and weaker" variants. When they had a real utility change it was a thing of beauty. A second shot at it could have been the opportunity to replace those less interesting variants, and maybe more importantly, make the unlocking process basically painless. Like leveling up the character through use, tournament organizers could just let the competitors do the leg work Smile

Honestly, I think the whole "start with 8 characters" thing might still be tough for tournament organizers....

It’s good that you’re still able to compile your own Mii fighter!

Wed Nov 21 18 01:14pm
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Ultimate even references Trophies in the Spirits Trailer.

They've been a staple since Melee. How much extra work would it have been to include them? Not much, 743 already exist from Wii U, they'd only have had to really make the new characters, the new Assist Trophies and the new skins for the likes of Link and Zelda. Then maybe you'd need to add the new blue round and square bombs and a few other items.

The whole premise was that the characters are Trophies that come to life.


But, nah, we'll just ignore that now.

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