RUMOR - Persona 5 coming to Switch

This kind of rumor isn't really that much of a stretch to believe. It's also not surprising at all to see it pop up after Joker's reveal for Smash Bros. Ultimate. That said, the rumor comes from MysticDistance, a translator and secondary writer for Persona Central, KHInsider, and other sites. Here's the info he's shared so far.

- Persona 5 is heading to Switch in 2019
- the game will be announced the day Joker becomes playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
- this version will have a new title
- it will also “contain adjustments to the game, additional aspects to the scenario, and other wanted additions”
- a Switch port has been under consideration since mid 2017
- the game's name is based on one of the domains Atlus recently registered

Two domain names Atlus has recently grabbed but not used yet are P5U.jp and P5R.jp. Either of these could indeed be tied to a Switch port. Hopefully we find out soon!


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I mean, sure, if you want to just completely ignore this.

This I don't believe. I still think Joker is in Smash because of Persona Q2.

Then explain Final Fantasy VII coming to Switch

Final Fantasy VII the old lazy port, not the new Remake. Square Enix aren't breaking their back supporting Switch, it's largely old ports. They've got to find a new audience to milk with these old games.

Square Enix aren't breaking their back supporting Switch, it's largely old ports.
The hell you call Octopath then?

A game. 1 original game. A cheap @$$ pseudo 2D/3D game. Come back to me when we get new mainline games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

Fri Dec 07 18 09:16am
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"Come back to me when we get new mainline games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts."

So, never again? I miss them both.

Fri Dec 07 18 10:43am
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By the time the remake comes out, we'll be on Switch 2. Who knows what the chances for ports is by then?

Fri Dec 07 18 11:41am
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I have a feeling the "old lazy port" will be more revered and the better experience even after the remake comes out. My gut tells me the remake is a disaster in waiting, and we'll be glad the original was made available to us.

A lazy port of FFVII would be dumping the only version with source code they had (PC version, original with awful midis) and calling it a day. Instead, they're porting the definitive version of the game from mobile/PS4 which has the option to speed up everything, skip encounters and become invincible, which is at least a sign that they aren't going to go the easy route. I'm not gonna slap that as lazy, especially since new multiplat ports like Chocobo MD and FFCC Remastered are coming too. Whether FFXVI comes to Switch is the true test

Fri Dec 07 18 01:03pm
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Doesn't matter. People for long said FFVII-X will never leave PlayStation and coming to Nintendo or Xbox.

I mean, sure, if you want to just completely ignore this.

Good point, buuut... Oh, OK, maybe you're right.

I don't know much about this series apart from bits and pieces I've heard over time and a little I've read. But it seems to me that Persona 5 is PS4 exclusive, as is the series. 3DS got Persona Q but that was a spin-off. Sony gets Persona and Nintendo gets what some people consider the lesser Shin Megami Tensei. I'll believe this when I see it, to me, from reading a little since last night, the reason Joker was picked is because Sakurai loves Persona and it's a hugely popular series in Japan, which could boost sales of SSBU further.

The difference here is the hendheld factor. Persona has always done better as a handheld game (persona 4 golden on Vita, persona on psp persona 3 psp ECT) and while Sony DID lend a hand (as in money) to the production of 4golden it had nothing to do with the production of 5 and has no handheld left to support the series.

So it's possible. On top of that the team is also helping out with SMT on switch already, so it might have been a simple "Hey let's test this thing by using persona assets oh it works way better then we thought how about we port it over" remember Sakurai was given a list of characters to choose from, so this wasn't even his idea it was Nintendo.

Also just to clarify, SMT is also on PlayStation systems (and Saturn) and Persona 5 isn't exclusive to PS4. It's also on the PS3 so it would have little trouble being ported over.

Fri Dec 07 18 07:33am
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"Nintendo gets what some people consider the lesser Shin Megami Tensei. " No one thinks that, more people prefer SMT if they've played both, I love both equally, but that just isn't true, Persona just sells better for a lot of reasons.

Persona is popular in Japan but it's more popular in the West. Likely due to poor PS4 sales in Japan. Also, unlike the base game Sakurai isn't picking the DLC roster, NCL is.

The only time Atlus THEMSELVES have ever stated absolute exclusivity is SMTV. Only an American Sony representative called P5 exclusive, and like with Nintendo, I never trust regional PR employees, no official exclusivity has ever been stated.

I don't know if SMT should be considered a lesser title, considering it is the mainline series while Persona is the spinoff, but Persona games have had more budget behind them in recent years that's for sure. I still prefer the dark and gritty universe of pure SMT in the style of SMTIV and Apocalypse though. Those games were amazing and I loved the third person areas that looked great by 3DS standards. Can't say I'm a fan of ghe first person dungeon stuff from older games but the style of SMTIV has completely won me over. I think SMTV will, or at least SHOULD be in the same style.

Anyway if it does come to Switch, I'll still get Persona 5 there though.

I could see this happening.

I'd like to give P5 a go, so I'd be all for it.

Watching my brother play it was soooo hard, I almost caved in and made my own save, but I preserved knowing a Nintendo Switch version was on the ways!

Dose anyone know if the contract Atlus had with Sony allows them to port the game?
I have my doubts that this is real but I really rally really want it to be real.

No contract has ever been stated, it seems that any exclusivity has been entirely by Atlus' will.

Stop stop, I can only get so hype before Smash this Morning!

It's hard to believe that it would just leak immediately after the announcement. Isn't that too convenient?

I'm on my new game + with persona 5 on ps4 but I'll by it day one if it's coming to switch. This game is my best jrpg of all time's list. It's one of a few games that I finished and started the new game + right away ( you can't do everything in your first playthrough)

Persona 5 did also release on PS3 so it's technically possible for sure but we'll see....

Surprise surprise. Did Nintendo work closely with a third party to get their franchise onto Switch and also to include their character in Smash because it would make great business sense and encourage new players to the game and platform?! Nah surely the real story is some BS about Sakurai’s bias.

That Joker is in Smash is, in itself, a sign that Persona 5 could get ported. At least that was my first thought on this. So with this rumour I am pretty sure it can happen. But of course a cavern of salt is needed for these rumours.

Let's hope they address the problem of casual mysogyny among the old-guard in Atlus' writing team when doing these "additional aspects to the scenario".

Also the problem of the dungeons just draaaaagging forever.


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