Switch sales outpacing Wii in Japan

The Switch is a bonafide hit worldwide, but there are certain regions where Switch success is on a completely different level. Japan is definitely one of those regions, and we can see that through some comparison data.

In the Switch's 97th week of sale in Japan, the platform has sold a total of 7,046,766 units. At the same point in its lifespan, the Wii had sold 6,831,647 units in Japan. It took Wii 105 weeks of sale to reach 7,064,622, which would put it just a bit ahead of where Switch is now. We all know how huge the Wii's success was, which makes what Switch is pulling off even more impressive.

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In similar new, PS4 lifetime sales worldwide are also expected to exceed the Wii’s lifetime sales this year.

Good news and continued growth for the Industry all around.

Japan loves handhelds, so this isn't really that shocking. If it outsells the DS I'll be impressed. Can't see it coming close though.

Well the Switch is going to have a longer lifespan so expect it to atleast come on par with the DS.

The relevant factor to compare sales isn't whether it's portable or handled, it's the price.

The Switch is priced like a home console, not a handheld.

It also plays natively on the tv with hdmi like any other console.

Fri Jan 11 19 07:50pm
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While the Wii did well at first in Japan and it slowed down a lot after 2007 or so in Japan unlike the rest of the world. It only sold 12 M in Japan total which the Switch should easily pass. For comparison 3DS did about 24M (3rd best seller ever) and most leading successful consoles did like 17-20M


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