Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Version 1.7.1 now available (full patch notes)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has gotten an update, bringing it to Version 1.7.1. Check out the full patch notes below.

Version 1.7.1

- Fixed an issue that caused the game to become unresponsive to any input except for the HOME Button.
- You will need to download this update to play with others online.
- After you download the latest update data, you will no longer be able to play over local wireless or LAN with others until they download the update as well.

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I thought we were getting more characters for a second there.

At this point I'd say save them for Mario Kart Switch.

Wed Jan 23 19 02:44am
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I don't think there'll be a Mario Kart 9 on Switch, there's never been more than one MK on each platform. What they could/might do is release Nintendo Kart on Switch. We've seen the introduction of characters and courses from outside the Mushroom Kingdom in 8, maybe that was a small stepping stone to a new Nintendo racer.

Wed Jan 23 19 05:52am
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Honestly I hope they don't do that. Having guess characters is ok, but the name Mario Kart is too strong to be killed (Game Boy was as well, but they probably wanted to get rid of the Boy word). And I prefer the Mario tracks and characters in Mario Kart 8. I would prefer another F- Zero and ExciteBike/Trucks than to see them forever relegated to an extra in Mario Kart. F-Zero and ExciteTrucks are all about speed and adrenaline, whereas Mario Kart is not, and a Nintendo Kart game would not fix that.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will have a sequel on Switch. Just because it would be unprecedented, doesn't mean a sequel won't happen.

That being said, you might be half right. I'm thinking the next logical step would be a "Super Smash Kart" and Mario Kart 9 could wait until next gen if a crossover kart racer doesn't force the series into retirement.

I'd pay for the latest deluxe update if it came out for MK8 on Wii U

That's why I'm saying we just wait for the next one. MK8 is about 5 years old and just seems outdated by now with everything the Switch can do. It's already had so much dlc and characters additions it wouldn't really make it much better with a few new characters. If you're willing to spend nickels and dimes on a few new things wouldn't it be great to spend a little more and get a full game.


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