Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster to release on two game cards in one package in Asia

If you want the best possible retail option for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster on Switch, it looks like the Asian release is going to be the best option. Play-Asia has confirmed that the retail release for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster in Asia will include both games on two separate game cards, and those come together in a single package. The games also have English support, which makes import a no-brainer! Grab your order from Play-Asia here!


Sun Feb 03 19 02:41am
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Damn good that the Switch is region free...

cant imagine its really 50 bucks in asia with 2x 32gb carts

The games are 31.8GB (for both) on the PS4, it's probably 2 × 16GB.

Sun Feb 03 19 10:26am
Rating: 2

I hope people all over the world import from Asia as it would be a message to publishers on how to sell a real retail release.

Sun Feb 03 19 12:31pm
Rating: 1

Yeah. We're bored sick of this crap now.

Sun Feb 03 19 07:12pm
Rating: 2

Sorry. It clearly won't happen. Most people won't know/care. :/

Let the Luddites rejoice, I guess.

Tue Feb 05 19 07:36am
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Dude, I buy physical whenever the price is the same and my 128GB card was full months ago. If you wanna call me backwards for paying the same price for a physical game instead of adding on hundreds of extra dollars for a cutting edge sized card to store them all, uhh, I guess go ahead.

So basically it's an impractical way of selling the combo pack and it's just two SKUs. Makes me wonder why it isn't just the HD remasters sold separately


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