More pictures of Good Smile's KOS-MOS Re: figurine surface

Over the weekend, we shared news of Good Smile Company releasing a figurine of KOS-MOS Re: from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We had just one pic of the figurine to showcase, but now we have a bunch more that show KOS-MOS Re: from all different angles! Not surprisingly, it seems like Good Smile is putting a lot of effort into this one to make sure it's as close to the in-game representation as possible.


It's beautiful. I missed out on both Pyra and Mythra sadly. Hope they do a second run. But I'm getting KOS-MOS!
She is my favorite game character, I need this one in my life!

Wow, I'm gonna stop it here. Got Pyra the other day and Mythra's been pre-ordered. The two combined, including shipping and customs duties, set me back a good 500 bucks. Enough irresponsibility for this year.

Gotta say though, Pyra alone has to be one of, if not the highest quality figurine I've ever purchased.

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