Inti Creates live-stream recording - Celebrating Curse of the Moon Physical Release

Being cursed never felt so good

With the upcoming physical release of Bloodstained Curse of the Moon by Limited Run Games on MArch 15th, we wanted to revisit the game and celebrate the release with you! Matt and Andrew are here to not only showcase the latest Inti Creates content. but to also bring you the latest Inti Creates news, take your questions live on air, and more!

Personal note here...if you haven't played Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and you like retro-style games, I can't recommend it enough. I really feel like Inti Creates did a wonderful job of not only nailing to true vibe of classic NES games, but also injecting a fair amount of new ideas and approaches to side-scrolling action. Really, really enjoyed that title.


Inti Creates is a great dev, really loved their Megaman Zero games on the GBA and it seems like they've still got the chops to do great 2D platformers with the likes of this and Blaster Master Zero.

...there are a lot of games with "Zero" in the title, huh?

A lot of times, I feel like their games are on the verge of greatness but missing something to truly reach it, but they totally killed it with Curse of the Moon. That's my favorite of their games so far, and I'm really happy it is selling well and getting the attention it deserves. I hope they continue making Bloodstained games, especially as I don't expect a good Castlevania out of Konami anytime soon.

Now if Ritual of the Night ends up being a worthy spiritual successor to the Iga style Castlevania games, this series is really off to a great start.

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