GoNintendo Video - Modern Combat Blackout: The online FPS where no one's online

One of Modern Combat Blackout's main features is it's online mode. The only problem is there's hardly anyone playing. What's keeping people away from this one?

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Tue Mar 19 19 08:10am
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What's keeping people away? Good first person shooters on other systems. I guess this is something to consider if you don't have one of the big boy consoles and you're desperate for a FPS. But if you do, why would you waste the money? I got Modern Warfare Remastered for free this month with PS Plus. Not my kind of game but I'm sure it beats the hell out of some ghetto mobile port.

Dunno bout anyone else but I woulda gave this a try but I dont feel like subsribing to NSO atm. Besides Warframe is free and more my kind of game anyways, but with that said probably woulda bought it just to try the online but alas need NSO.

It looked fun to me in your video. I'd play it but I just don't have the cash to spend on another game I don't have the time for. It is cool though that they can basically do pretty much the same thing as Call of Duty but not cost nearly as much. I got bored of Warframe recently. Just too much commitment for small reward.

yeah unfortunately that's how it went for morphie's law. Bought day one it was great even jp players were on it , after two weeks though not a lot of players. And no one at all the last fives times I tried it over many months
So it's probably going to be like that for many games. I'm not difficult I just want something besides splatoon and fortnite . warframe is pretty good though. Doom is terrific , more players would be sweet

What's keeping people away? You mean other than the fact this is a blatant, mediocre COD knock-off?


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