Twitter Gaming asks fans who they'd like to see in Smash Bros., official Halo account responds with their pick

Smashter Chief

The official "Twitter Gaming" Twitter account, which I just found out was a thing, asked its followers today to name characters who they'd love to have added into Smash Bros.. Surprisingly enough, the official Halo account was quick to jump in.

Master Chief in Smash Bros. has been a long-running joke with fans of both franchises, but could it actually happen? Microsoft and Nintendo's relationship right now is stronger than ever, and stranger things have happened!


Tue Apr 02 19 08:07pm
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...The hell is TwitterGaming?

Tue Apr 02 19 08:16pm
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That's not Banjo or Kazooie.

I got my most wanted character (for 17 years) already King K.Rool. That being said him being added just makes me even more sad Dixie Kong has yet to be added to the series. Considering she has starred in 2 highly successful platformers, has been playable in tons of games, has quite a bit of merchandise based off of her, and is very relevant due to Tropical Freeze.

Dixie, Captain Toad, Bandana Dee IMO are like the last major Nintendo characters missing from the roster.

I got my most wanted with Simon Belmont. Now I have upgraded my most wanted to a truly aintgunnahappen character with Doom Slayer... though the character and franchise is worthy of Smash representation and can be done in a rating appropriate manner as the Doom pinball table in Pinball FX3 has proven, it just still seems very pie in the sky. The stage and music sure could be cool.

I still haven't got my most wanted, Professor Layton!! But I'd be down for Master Chief.
On a side note. I don't believe we will only get Joker + 4 others as DLC.
There will most likely be a season 2 with more characters. That's easy money, considering how well it is selling

I feel this will be the only pack. Yeah its easy money for Nintendo but at the same time its not easy development. Im sure Sakurai would like to move on and not continuing to develop new fighters. Not to mention the fighters come out kinda slow. Even with as big of a game Smash is I just can't see people still being interested in new characters 2-3 years after release. People move onto different games. Its not like the Wii U where there was basically nothing else to play besides Smash. Switch has so many 1st party games in the pipeline as well as TONS of indies and 3rd party titles coming out that people have to decide what to spend their money on.

To me personally since all the DLC seems to be 3rd party shock value characters (based on what Reggie said at the Game Awards) I have absolute no interest in the DLC. I'd rather personally see Sakurai move on after the DLC and make an original game for Switch (like he did with Meteos) or make a port of Uprising for Switch (this time with actual playable controls) or an Uprising sequel. Sakurai is so talented outside of Smash as well and personally I'd like to see more of that before Smash gets to 100 characters and turns the franchise into something like mugen. Crash, Spyro, Goku, Sans, Freddy Fazbear, Minecraft Steve, Raving Rabbid, Ezio, Cuphead, Dante, Kratos all join the battle! Yeah no thanks...

How sweet would that be? Microsoft’s E3 presser starts, Halo footage shown, people thinking it’s Infinite and then Samus or Fox shows up and the gameplay footage starts. After the Game Awards, there’s not much that you can too a shock Smash announcement like that.

Master Chief Collection port too with cross platform play with Xbox and PC players and gyro assisted aiming.

I am starting to think more and more about what stages these characters bring and not just the characters. I mean, one f the best stages in Smash Wii U/Ultimate (U/U) is Midgard from FF7 IMO. And with new characters and new stages we get new music also. I have only played the first Halo on the original Xbox, so I can not tink of any good stages or songs from taht being added, but that's my lack of interest for the IP.

Still wishing for TErra from FF6 (come on! just imagine what music could be added... But Narshe as a stage?) and Travis from NMH. Also a great character that would fit perfectly in Smash and at least we would get more awesome music.

I don't think that all of the DLC characters will be 3rd party though. I am sure at least one or two will be from Nintendo's past but e might be as surprised as with Piranha Plant (who turned out not just to be a great fighter, but Sakurai and co truly made him damned charming and full of life).

But as Nintendo and MS are flirting so much these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see Metroid X Halo one day.

MC coming to Smash used to be the goto joke pick for Smash.

Cuphead coming to Switch has thrown the natural order into chaos.

Human sacrifice! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

I mean, we all remember when Cloud was considered a joke pick right?
Honestly, I think Chief could happen, and lord knows I'd welcome him with open arms.

Master Chief has no business being in Super Smash Bros.

I agree but you could say the same thing about Snake, Cloud, Bayonetta, and now Joker. Hell you could say that about 3rd parties in general before Brawl happened and yet here we are...

Snake, Cloud and Joker should be cut. Oh and Ryu. The others, for the most part are fine. Sonic definitely deserves his place.


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