Abstraction Games says they're 'not allowed' to talk about ARK: Survival Evolved

Well that's a bit shady...

Abstraction Games is the team who brought ARK: Survival Evolved to the Switch, and quite a few fans were not happy with how the port turned out. You might remember that back in Feb. 2019, Abstraction mentioned that they want to fix the game, but need support from Studio Wildcard, the original creators of the game. Looks like Studio Wildcard wasn't too happy Abstraction made those comments, as now Abstraction isn't even allowed to comment on the port.

In a recent interview with Abstraction, the team was ask once again about patching the Switch version. Their response really doesn't leave much room for hope.

Sorry, we are not allowed to comment on anything related to ARK or PixARK as per contract with Studio Wildcard. They hired us to help them with the Switch version, and they handle PR exclusively.

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Isn't saying anything about how PR is handled saying something, passing the blame to Studio Wildcard. It seems like they just want to lead people to dead ends.

But it's true. Wildcard isn't allowing them transparency. It's not passing the buck if that's the rule, but I'm not very happy that Wildcard is exerting their power like this.

The first rule of Ark is you don't talk about Ark.


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