Retro opens multiple job listings looking for Metroid Prime 4 dev leads

A few good men and women

Retro Studios has just posted about numerous job openings at their company, and it looks like they're interested in bringing in a bunch of people. Among the listings, there are multiple positions for lead devs. Check out the full rundown of jobs below.

- Art Director
- Product Tester
- Art Outsourcing Manager
- Level 3 IT Engineer
- Level 1 Gameplay Engineer
- Lead External Environment Artist
- Lead Character Artist
- Lead Cinematics Artist
- Lead Graphics Engineer
- Level 1 Tools Engineer
- Level 3 Tools Engineer
- Physics Engineer

With Retro looking to fill all these roles, it looks like we might be in for quite a wait with Metroid Prime 4. Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


wait somehow I missed this. Last I remember, MP4 was super delayed in that video put out by Nintendo, but I don't remember seeing a confirmation that it was now being made by Retro

Yeah that was part of the announcement. Retro is starting over development of MP4

There is a decent chance that Metroid Prime 4 doesn’t come to Switch but whatever the successor is. Would make for a banging launch title.

2023, at the earliest

Wow, this means that the game won't be launching anytime soon. It is a sad moment but i would rather them take their time and do it right than have a mess of a game. I can patiently keep waiting as i have many games i still want to play.

I'd really like the reason for this to be that they were wrapping up work on their unannounced project they've been working on since Tropical Freeze. That's the reason, right? They have been working on their own game this past half decade?

If its not announced at E3 this year. Im gonna assume their game they've been working on since TF in 2013 has been cancelled anr the only thing they have worked on since was a TF port. Funky Kong needed a ton of development time that only Retro had the talent to accomplish.

As for MP4...yeah looking like a 2022 game at the earliest. Retro is notorious for making games at a snails pace. I dont know what Miyamoto was smoking when he suggested the company was big enough to work on multiple projects at once...

Yeah, maybe they can eventually handle one game and a port but definitely not two simultaneous fresh releases. I'm cool with them taking their time on MP4 if we get something that lives up to the quality we expect from the series, but I will be pretty disappointed if they really have nothing to show for the last five years other than one port and some MK remake tracks. That would make me very worried about their ability to pull off MP4 at all.

so this means this game will only be relesed on Switch in 2021 or later and that Metroid Prime team means that Retro Studios expanded and now he has mutiple development divisions, one division working in Metroid Prime 4 and a another divison working in a another game to be released on the Switch probably this year or next year.

I do feel that they are going to work harder than usual to crank this thing out as quickly as possible, considering the circumstances. I think a 2020 release is minutely possible, with 2021 as a near certainty imo

In the voice of Reggie, "The game.........is not done!" 😂

Seriously though, I expect this to release on the Switch successor. Best case scenario, it gets the BOTW treatment, last game on Switch, launch title for new console. When you watch the Furukawa trailer about the delay and the changing of developer to Retro Studios, he makes no mention of the Switch. These job listings confirm Metroid Prime 4's release date is a way off in the depths of space.


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