Monolith Soft now at 209 employees strong, nearly 25% of staff are female

Growing at a pretty fast pace!

Just shy of a month since the last time we talked about Monolith Soft's employees, we get another update on total staff. The company now has 209 employees, which is 8 more than the last report. Monolith Soft also shared details on their staff overall.

- Male to Female employee percentage ratio: 75.1% to 24.9%
- Average duration an employee works for Monolith Soft: 6 years and 4 months (as of December 2018)
- Average employee age: 35.68 (as of December 2018)
- Male to Female employee percentage ratio for those hired in 2019: 62.5% to 37.5%

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Well this is an example of a very healthy and balanced game studio it seems. But I bet some ["feminist"-type] fool somewhere probably has a problem with there being three times as many men as women there--because they are so ignorant they don't even realise that equal opportunity is not the same thing as equal outcome.

Well this is an example of a very healthy and balanced game studio it seems. But I bet some ["feminist"-type] fool somewhere probably has a problem with there being three times as many men as women there--because they are so ignorant they don't even realise that equal opportunity is not the same thing as equal outcome.

Why would anyone have a problem with this? What is a feminist type?

Wed May 08 19 09:48am
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Well exactly; why would anyone have a problem with this? And yet sooo many [ignorant] people have a problem with whatever companies having more men than women, like the only way they think things can be truly "fair" and "equal" is if they literally see a 50/50 split of male and female employees in whatever company, even when in many situations that simply makes no actual sense at all. Because, as I sad, equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome.

And those "feminist"-types are usually the ones who are raging about it when they see any company with more men than women, which is very common in video game companies and for entirely non-sexist or whatever negative reasons. You know the types I'm talking about: Very confused and misguided people like Anita Sarkeesian for example, who are out to make everything entirely "fair" and "equal" as they see it--no matter if they're going about it completely and utterly the wrong way in many situations. Those types of people, despite what they think, are not actually good for the video game industry.

And I'm just making a point of it before one of them comes in here and complains that having a 75%-25% split of male and female in a games company still isn't good enough and is just a sign of the inherent "sexism" in our society and the "patriarchy" and all that crap. I've just been hearing a lot of that crap of late and am a bit sick of it.

I wouldn't lump in feminist ideals with radical feminists. There are overeeactionary people no matter where you go or what the issue is. This is great news and hopefully this encourages more females to enter the game workforce and eventually leads to a scenario where there's roughly a 50/50 to 60/40 split that occurs naturally.

Wed May 08 19 04:39pm
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Well this is why I'm very intentionally writing it as "feminists" rather than feminists.

Also, you clearly didn't get my point: A 50/50 split in video games companies would be totally unnatural and forced because girls simply are not into games as much as boys; so it would be exactly what I'm talking about as probably being a bad thing if we suddenly see a bunch of games companies split 50-50 male/female as it would almost certainly indicate things being artificially forced in a way that is not actually authentic/genuine at all; it would likely be a sign of total virtue signalling and little more. That's not sexist or the "patriarchy" talking or anything like that but just a simple truth based on the kinds of things male brains tend to find engaging and fun vs what female brains tend to gravitate towards.

So, the whole point was that the 75%-25% split above is totally and utterly brilliant--possibly more than we should reasonably expect--and we don't need to be forcing or expecting anything more because of some misguided notion that the closer to 50/50 we are the more "fair" and "equal" it surely must be, and certainly not when it come to video games (I'm talking about more core gaming by the way, as opposed to casual mobile meh).

We need to start educating people better that equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome, which literally means it's perfectly fine in many situations for things to be completely imbalanced one way or another, like in video games for example, and that's not reflective of any underlying issues that need to be fixed.

Yeah that's why I said I hope numbers like these will encourage more females to get into the business and for that cycle to eventually lead us to the point where we can naturally expect a 50/50 to 60/40 split.

Thu May 09 19 06:41am
(Updated 1 time)

I doubt we'll ever naturally get to those kinds of numbers. It would be like expecting us to eventually get to a roughly 50/50 split in midwifery or baby care without forcing it horribly and taking away jobs from the women who love this kind of stuff and brainwashing men into thinking it's something they really want to do totally instinctively. Similarly if I used the scenario of trying to get 50% of oil rig workers or construction workers or even soldiers to be men. Girls just aren't into video games as much as boys are, by the very nature of girls and boys and the very nature of video games, and I don't think they ever will be. Well, unless games as we know them eventually change to such a degree that they do in fact appeal to girls just as much as boys. But that's a real push imo, and probably the kind of unnatural push I'm very much against. So my whole point comes back to it being kinda perfect just as it is to be honest, and we don't need to think of it as being otherwise or needing to be more "balanced" or whatever. Do you get me?

Yeah I disagree, the market share of female gamers is only expanding, especially as we look to the mobile scene. More and more videos games are becoming less of a boys club. Video games themselves are going to change from what they are today, especially as more devices become capable of playing games and technology becomes more ingrained in our lives, VR takes over, ect.

I'm not expecting straight up 50/50, which is why I said 60/40 as well. I'm also talking 30+ years in the future.

Thu May 09 19 05:20pm
(Updated 2 times)

Yeah, the less they look like traditional video games--the ones most core gamers care about imo--the more women are joining in it seems to me.

So I guess it comes down to what you consider a video game and how dear you hold that notion--I don't consider a game where you click a few buttons over and over to increase gambling-based stats and mechanics in an endless compulsion loop a video "game"--but I guess everyone sees things differently.

It would be like if we changed some defined thing to such a degree that it almost might as well be some other thing just so it gets other people involved who wouldn't normally give a crap--like say stamp collecting becomes Pokemon and we see them as basically "the same".

So, yeah, I guess guess it looks like more women are getting into "video games".

Thu May 09 19 10:38am
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Video games favoring boys was by itself an artificial product of how Western marketing was handheld in the 80s and 90s, the natural ratio would be fair closer to 50/50, it's getting there naturally but it's going to take a lot of time. It will never be 50/50 exactly. But in 15 years 60 male 40 female would be very possible with no artificial push by companies.

Thu May 09 19 05:16pm
(Updated 7 times)

I honestly think you're very misguided about the truth of the way it was and is with video games to be honest. I wonder what the ratio of male gamers to female gamers is in Japan for example--and especially if we don't consider most of the utterly crappy mobile and/or often more gambling/addiction-like "games" in that calculation--just riffing on your point? But I can tell it will likely be impossible to convince you otherwise.

Edit: Seems the ratio of girl "gamers" is actually higher than males in Japan based on a quick Google/wiki search--but, as I said above, I think the figures these days are very skewed and misleading because what we call a "video game" now includes "games" like Coin Master and its ilk on smartphones.

I mean, we probably call some girl a "gamer" if she's played a Cardassian "game" on smartphones yet has never touched another [actual] video game in her life--that's where we're at.

I'm going purely based on real statistics of Nintendo's console sales and that the male dominance of the industry clearly derives from how Nintendo mostly in the 80s, and to some degree everyone in the 90s, focused on male marketing only. (At the time video games were still considered "toys". By that time, the toy industry had already split itself into male and female markets, and literally into separate aisles in stores. Nintendo decided the only way to get NES into American stores would be to sell it as a toy. They had to pick an aisle, basically, and went with male, thus their marketing. SEGA and others ran with this. Nintendo started to go away from this starting in the late 90s, especially with GameBoy. Nintendo's marketing and lineup is far more general now, the industry just has to naturally balance itself out and get over its previous biases which have built up over the past 3 decades. Japan never had this issue, they launched games as they were, games, why they are far more embedded in Japanese society. Thus, the female to male ratio is closer as Nintendo or Sony never had to focus solely on males in their marketing. Stuff like marketing can have a massive effect over how the industry functions for decades.)

Fri May 10 19 04:14am
(Updated 12 times)

I guess it largely comes down to how you see the cause and effect working in that sequence of events.

You could say it was because everything about it was directed at boys so it made it something boys got into more than girls even though girls would be just as likely to naturally and instinctively get into gaming if it weren't pushed towards boys only. Or you could see that boys are naturally and instinctively more into the kind of stuff that defines video games (competition, battle, pattern recognition, playing the alpha, playing the hero, mathematical and analytical thinking, problem solving, etc) so boys were the ones who actually gravitated towards things like computers and programming and started creating and playing video games in the first place, and companies naturally aimed their product at their core market (the people instinctively creating and playing these first games), and what we see is that largely naturally playing out as it would even if it weren't directed as such.

I guess it's like we could say girls only like and play tea party games where they act like mummy and every one of the dolls is treated like a baby because we've brainwashed them into thinking they like tea party games and being like a mummy and then we sold them tea party sets and dolls. But I see it the other way around entirely: Girls like doing that stuff naturally (play mummy, feed and nurture, etc) so companies sell to their audience what their audience wants--for the most part.

So, the cause and effect.

I think ["proper"] video games (so not counting utter crap like Coin Endless Masher or Cardassians 2.0) are predominantly a boys thing by their very nature and always will be. But that doesn't mean some girls won't or can't enjoy video games too, or even that the percentages developing and playing games won't or can't change a bit either. I just think the 75-25% split that we're seeing above seems about right, especially when it comes to making video games (and certainly with the programming stuff), and indeed far more authentic than expecting or trying to aim [force] for anything more "equal" and closer to 50/50.

I only see thinking of 50/50 in this case as being somehow "better" as a bad thing because I don't think it's actually authentic at all--and a fake/forced/artificial/disingenuous world and society misguidedly pushing for 50/50 in every facet of human life, even just thinking of the gaming industry and community, is not even close to being better imo.

Everyone already considers Monolithsoft pretty progressive in that regard, I think you're getting a bit ahead of yourself there.

I hope growth continues to equal more opportunities in a few years time.

Wed May 08 19 04:48pm
(Updated 1 time)

The entire point I'm making is that there is already equal opportunity in gaming (no reasonable and informed person should be claiming otherwise). We don't need basically [artificially engineered and forced] 50-50 splits for that to be true.

Thu May 09 19 10:35am
(Updated 1 time)

I literally meant more job opportunities I want to work there when I'm able to speak Japanese well enough. It had nothing to do with the other conversation.

They also make some damn fine games and I am sure they will keep that quality.

Triggered anti-sjws... Only a vocal minority of radical (non-)feminists would think this is bad, and they aren't a problem.


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