Luigi's Mansion 3 new info breakdown (moves, modes, and more)

Luigi's got some new tricks up his sleeves

Want some more details on what's old and what's new in Luigi's Mansion 3? Check out the info round-up below!

- Dark Moon’s mission structure has been replaced with a more traditional free-flowing approach
- use the Poltergust to make propellers spin to raise or lower elevators
- the Dark Light returns, which you can shine on invisible objects to make them appear
- use the Burst move to blow enemies away
- shoot a plunger to tug things open/away or pull them down
- when you're catching a ghost, a meter starts filling.
- when it's full, press the A button to activate a new move called Slam
- you can slam ghosts into the floor, into other ghosts, and in all different directions to wear them out
- there's tons of secret doors, bonus treasure rooms and more
- Gooigi can walk through spikes and deploy the same vacuuming abilities as Luigi
- a second player can control Gooigi
- Nintendo and Next Level are aware of criticisms about ghosts in Dark Moon not being as unique as in the original
- Luigi's Mansion 3 will feature similar ghosts to Dark Moon, as well as more unique ghosts as well
- multiplayer takes place in “Scarescraper” mode that challenges players to clear various challenges floor by floor
- there are 10 floors to clear, and a 10-floor run will take 30 minutes
- this mode supports solo play, but can be played by as many as eight people, using four Switch systems

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