IGN Video - Hollow Knight: Silksong off-screen footage

16 minutes of gameplay in a midgame area of Hollow Knight: Silksong with some upgrades unlocked, played on Nintendo Switch on the showfloor of E3 2019.

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Games: Hollow Knight


Wed Jun 12 19 09:16pm
Rating: 1

Really wish we had some idea of when this is coming out other than "coming soon" lol. Not that I'm faulting Team Cherry for refraining from divulging this info--I'm sure they'll let us know when they're ready--but this lil' ol' indie game from this tiny up-and-coming developer is probably my most anticipated game (well, aside from the recently unveiled BotW sequel).


Thu Jun 13 19 12:25am
Rating: 2

Finish your leftovers first. That Nightmare King and Godmaster mode aren't gonna beat themselves.

Is not that I couldn't or anything.

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