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Executive Producer of Netflix's Castlevania series thinks there's room for a Pokemon series that explores adult themes

I'm going to guess that won't happen
by rawmeatcowboy
28 June 2019
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Adi Shankar, the EP on Netflix's Castlevania series, loves the idea of taking game franchises and putting more adult twists on them. Could that work with something as kid-friendly as Pokemon? In an interview with, Adi explains that he believes there is.

I guess this speaks to a larger topic, right? It's not just Pokemon, it's generally how corporations approach intellectual property. Like, does it need to be transpired within the games and within the realm of traditional rating? Does Power Rangers always have to be a kids franchise? Do I think ... Pokemon as a concept could be used to explore more mature themes? More adult themes? Absolutely, absolutely. Should that exist? I think so.