Arby's makes a Super Mario Maker 2 stage

We have the Mario

Arby's loves to show off gaming artwork made out of their bags/boxes on Twitter, but this is taking things a step further. Arby's official Facebook account has shared a Super Mario Maker 2 course code made by someone on their team. We don't have footage on the stage yet, but the code is right there for all to try out!

Thanks to Overkill321 for the heads up!


Mon Jul 08 19 04:42pm
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Let me take a wild guess before trying: it will advertise Arby's food and be stupidly easy.

Let's see if I'm wrong :p

Edit: Wrong about both, ha!

Yeah a friend sent it to me first. I just figured I would share as I did not see it posted here. It is hard. I get so far in one part and then back to start lol

I didn't think it was too hard. I died twice and then on the third attempt I cleared it still wearing the Tanooki power-up you're given at the start. I could see some people dying a lot in the sub-area with the flaming cheep-cheeps, but when you make a level to promote a company like this, you probably want as many people to beat it as possible, so I felt this was the right amount of difficulty.

Perhaps the intention was surrendering to Arby's.

Heh, Arby's does a LOT of weird stuff like this. Last year at Anime Expo, they had a six-foot Gundam built out of Arby's sandwich boxes.


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