Check out the original promo video for Sunsoft's cancelled Terminator game for NES

What eventually became Journey to Silius

Did you know that back in 1989, Sunsoft was working on a Terminator game for the NES? Work on that project moved along quite well, but unfortunately, Sunsoft lost the movie rights before the game could release. This lead to the game being reworked and released as Journey to Silius.

Here we are 30 years later, and the original promo video for Sunsoft's Terminator video has been unearthed. This shows you just how much changed between Terminator and Journey to Silius, as well as what stayed the same. You have to wonder if Sunsoft has their NES Terminator prototype still floating around somewhere in their archives.

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I've wondered if the title is a play on words. Journey to Silius sounds like "Journey to silly us." Like 'silly us' didn't lock in the movie rights before making the game.

That was some hilariously next level hyperbole there.

I'm glad we got Journey to Silius.

The Terminator 2 game for the GB was outstanding though.

But I'll say I got a good chuckle from this commercial. Took me a bit back =)


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