Law firm opens Switch Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit investigation

Things are going to get messy

Talk of Switch Joy-Con drift has been part of the discussion with fans since day one, but a recent thread on Reddit seems to have reignited the anger from fans all over. Some players have experience Joy-Con drift, with their joysticks reading input that the player isn't doing, and others haven't had an issue. Those who suffer from the problem are looking for Nintendo to offer up a fix, and now a law firm is taking matters into their own hands.

The law offices of Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith are looking to hear from Switch owners who have experienced Joy-Con drift. If you're one of those people, they want you to fill out their form with all the details. If enough people pool together and there's sufficient evidence of a wide-spread issue, the law firm will consider filing a class action lawsuit.

Fill in your information here (thanks Dondom95!)

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Thu Jul 18 19 06:31pm
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Nintendo needs to address this problem. It is a serious issue with the controller that affects a ton of users, but Nintendo has not even aknowledged it, let alone address it.

Thu Jul 18 19 06:31pm
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Nintendo needs to address this problem. It is a serious issue with the controller that affects a ton of users, but Nintendo has not even aknowledged it, let alone address it.

I 100% agree. The worst part is when Switch Lite releases, those Joy-Cons can't simply be replaced because they're attached to the system for good. You will be stuck having to send in the entire system to get it repaired.

Anyone that has had their system since launch and not experienced Joy-Con drift, consider yourself lucky. This isn't just a vocal minority looking for something to complain about, this is a real thing that Nintendo needs to do something about. This is the closest I can think of to Nintendo having an RRoD fiasco.

It is still very much a minority. It’s not like 51% of joy-cons are affected and it’s absolutely nowhere near the scale of RRoD which had an estimated failure rate of over 50%

If 500,000 joy-cons are affected that’s roughly 5% of joy-cons. (If the Switch has sold over 8 million + another 2 million of extra joy-cons)

I don’t see enough noise about this to suggest 500,000 joy-cons have the issue.

It’s much more than 5%. I have 6 joy cons. All six do it. And the most recent pair were just purchased at Christmas.

We honestly have no idea how many it is. My guesstimate is a guess and to put what might seem like a large number (half a million) into perspective.
You having an apparent 6 for 6 failure rate doesn’t change that. It’s anecdotal.
But I’m confident it’s not the majority of joy-cons.

And just b cause yours isn’t doing it doesn’t mean there’s not more than you think effected. I’m confident there’s more than the majority. They’re all made the same. It’s just a matter of using them more is what gets the dirt and grime down in the sticks mechanisms. Those that haven’t experienced it don’t use their joycons much.

Sat Jul 20 19 05:03pm
(Updated 1 time)

Exactly. That’s why I said we don’t know. Neither of our own experiences out weigh the other.

I’m confident there’s more than the majority.

I assume you meant minority here. What’s more than the majority?

Those that haven’t experienced it don’t use their joycons much.

You don’t know that.
I use mine pretty much daily since launch day.

I do agree there is a problem that needs fixing. I don’t believe it’s a majority affecting issue.

Sat Jul 20 19 09:31pm
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What’s more than the majority?

Sorry, couldn't resist the joke =P

I'm for this after owning 2 joycons that drifts. Nintendo cant be charging 80 dollars for these things, for them to be plague with high failure rate like this.

Even if they were charging 20 dollars, it still wouldn't be acceptable.

I love Nintendo, but even after sending in mine for repair, they broke like a month later drifting again. Its not excusable at this point. I filled it all in.

As someone who owns 8 joy-con and all 4 left joy-con drift, Im sorry to say but I'm filling out that form.

Thu Jul 18 19 07:11pm
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I understand that their joy cons are drifting but we shouldn’t get angry over it. It is frustrating yes. All of mine are having the same issues too so I’m putting on hold for buying joy cons until Nintendo announces the fixes for the little controllers.

I recall getting something like $0.02 USD in class-action settlement against my bank for their coin counting machines not working correctly. Can't wait to see how many cents we can get from Nintendo! Don't spend it all in one place!

I cant help but feel that most class-actions that dont involve injury or theft of finances are more for opportunistic lawyers than the actual people effected...

I guess, policy-wise, it's likely Nintendo will have to offer free repairs or extend warranties beyond the initial 90(?)days. But I do hope folks arent getting their hopes up on, say, a full refund on their purchases or anything.

I got $21 from the PS3 Other OS class action.

Thu Jul 18 19 07:20pm
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Shouldn’t be happening but you guys do know you can fix these for less than $10, right? Less than $5 if you already have the tool.

Thu Jul 18 19 07:28pm
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It may come to that for a lot of us, but I would prefer Nintendo fix them for $0.

There's risk of ruining the whole controller then

Are the replacement sticks any good though? How’s the sensitivity and accuracy? How about the feel of the material?

Surely a functioning Third Party stick is better than a drifting original one, but I still wish to know how they fair. ;D

I'm on my third pair of joy-cons..soooo

I haven't had it happen yet because I almost never use my joy-cons, But with as much as I'm hearing about joy-con drift, it sounds like it's inherent in the design and I'll get the problem eventually.

I’ve had issues with 3/4 joycon. Two left and one right. WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner seems to help at least.

Thu Jul 18 19 09:10pm
(Updated 1 time)

I normally thinks these are stupid but this is 100% warranted. My four joycon have ALL drifted save for my D-pad ones (One of them just had a chip break off instead). WDV40 helps but it's inexcusable for such a thing to happen to begin with. Even my pro controller is drifting and my fucking New 3DS XL D-Pad is drifting (yes, the D-PAD of all things! Press up and it hits it 3 times. I'm kinda scared to use contact cleaner on such a sensitive spot, though it did help for my joycons. If a toothbrush fails I may have to send that in, and I can't imagine how bad it would be on the Switch lite if that happens to those built in joycons...

This needs to be like that wiimote case where they offered free jackets for all wiimotes, and instead offer free new joycons for each one affected. I doubt people will get paid much and this would take years to do anyway but I hope it leads to something. Heck, maybe a cap guard accessory would help wonders.

Thu Jul 18 19 09:14pm
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I've had my Switch from Day 1, I don't think it drifts? It sounds like it's due to being affected by dust easily, kinda like the recent Macbook Pro keyboards. Apple had to start a free keyboard repair, so maybe Nintendo will follow suit. I find it strange this is the first I've heard of Joycon 'drifting', and that so many people are having the same problem.

Fri Jul 19 19 12:53am
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Same, this is the first I've heard of this issue. None of my controllers have issues, and my brothers and nephews joycons are working fine as well. I thought the big problem was the d-pad on the pro controller.

Agreed! The pro controller's d-pad is awful!

I don't know who is in favor here. Nintendo or us? I mean this is not as widespread of an issue and does Nintendo even know that this is an issue?

I don’t think I suffer from it and I have a European launch Switch. I also have a second set of joy-con I got in Canada but rarely use them so I might have to check.

I know a friend of mine is seeing this issue alright.

Fri Jul 19 19 03:19am
(Updated 1 time)

I’d love to know exactly how many Joy-Con are affected, and if all Joy-Con sticks are in danger of getting issues at some point. Is it an issue with certain poor specimen or is it a design issue which potentially affects all Joy-Con?

Both of my original Joy-Con sticks (colored ones that came with the system in 3/2017) are faulty. First the left stick started acting funny in early 2018. It doesn’t register up-presses right away. The cursor/character starts moving slowly upwards (and then weirdly accelerates) even if you push the stick all the way up. Then the right stick started drifting to the right in late May 2019.

EDIT: Too bad I can’t fill out the form since it’s only addressed to people in the USA.

This is just an opportunist law firm trying to take advantage.

The drift issue is real but this is not about the users but about how much money the lawyers can take from Nintendo. It’s always the same story.

I’ll give you the solution to all your drifting problems: just apply some contact cleaner spray and the Joy-Cons will be as good as new for several months.

My two pair of Joy-Cons both suffered from drifting but the contact cleaner spray solved it. It’s been two months already and they keep working flawlessly.

You don’t need to buy new Joy-Cons or send them for repairs, just clean them.

I sprayed a JoyCon that had terrible drift on the left joystick with compressed air in a can and it started to work smoothly again. It really must be a buildup of grim. I'll keep track of how long it stays good but I think it may be a simple fix most people overlook. If you don't believe me try it for yourself.

After reading all these comments I really wonder if I have a Super Switch. No scratches on the screen, no problems with joy-cons or any other problems rather than I spend a LOT of time gaming on it. Or is this a vocal minority?

One thing I would like to see is what % of the joy-cons are having these issues. Would be nice to have some facts for a clearer picture.

I've had this issues with 2 of my left joy cons, Nintendo fixed them for free and fast, had them for over a year. Is this not the norm?

Over the two years I have owned my switch, I have bought three additional pairs of joy cons. All have suffered from drift issues, both left and right sticks. The drift issues were consistent in both docked and handheld mode. My original set (blue/red) was unfortunately out of warranty when the problem occurred, which meant having to repair this myself as Nintendo charge £25 for each joy con for out of warranty repairs. The second (green/pink) set I bought was repaired after 10 months through Nintendo’s warranty, unfortunately after 2 months of use the same drifting issue occured on both left and right sticks on the newly repaired joy cons, which again was fixed, though this time with many delays and appalling customer service. And finally the third (yellow) and fourth (grey) sets have also suffered from issues with drifting which i have repaired myself using parts bought online.

After weeks of correspondence between myself and Nintendo’s customer services team, my complaints and genuine grievances were dismissed without any form acknowledgement that this was continuing problem. Nintendo’s customer service even had the audacity to say they had shown me a good will gesture by providing me with free out of warranty repairs for my green/pink set and not providing proof of purchase, despite me providing both the original receipt AND the new warranty receipt I received after the first warranty repair.

I was told if I wanted to take this any further then I was to formally write to Nintendo’s customer services. I did this in June and as of yet have not heard anything. I may be unlucky as I hear a lot of good comments about Nintendo’s customer services but my experience with them has been pretty appalling. So much so that I will now be making my own repairs, which really shouldn’t be the case when you spend £69.99 on a controller


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