Random Time! - Nickelodeon storyboard artist shares a mock-up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate boxart


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Ehhhhhh... no. Not feeling it. Just... not.

Wed Aug 21 19 08:29pm
Rating: 2

Nice artwork! This reminds me of the time Nickelodeon put crossover fighting games on their official website. The most recent installment of Super Brawl is actually a smartphone & tablet app, however, but I hope the series comes to console one day.

Ehhhhhh... no. Not feeling it. Just... not.

I’m with you. It’s just...ugh!

I can't believe they remembered that My Life As A Teenage Robot exists.

Thu Aug 22 19 12:55am
Rating: 2

Loving how they matched up characters here. And as perfect as XJ-9 as Mega Man is, I think CatDog as Ice Climbers is even better.

Then again, Zim as Olimar (with a Gir Pikmin) is also pretty great.

An Arnold with his ridiculous anime yellow hair as cloud. The details here are great.

The fact that they remember My Life As A Teenage Robot made me smile so this gets a pass


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