Yacht Club hosting PAX West 2019 presentation, will showcase Cyber Shadow, Shovel Knight: King of Cards/Showdown, and a new game

What will the mystery title be?

Acclaimed publisher and developer Yacht Club Games will be at PAX West this year showcasing four of their upcoming titles. The sci-fi ninja action platformer Cyber Shadow, the final games in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove collection- Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown, plus a never before seen title! All titles will be demoed on the Nintendo Switch at our PAX West booth!

In addition, Yacht Club Games will be creating an all-new video presentation on 8/28/19 at 11am PST, 2PM EST.

The event will be live streamed from youtube.com/yachtclubgames and twitch.tv/yachtclubgames and include the latest news on Shovel Knight (there will be tons of never before seen surprises).


I can't wait to see what their new game is. It could be anything.

Wait, what? You mean to tell me Yacht Club actually makes other games besides Shovel Knight? This is the first I've heard of Cyber Shadow. And a "new" game also? I wonder if it's actually new, or if it's Shovel Knight related, again...

Look, I love Shovel Knight as much as the next guy, ESPECIALLY Spectre of Torment, which I believe to be their greatest work yet, but ever since that Kickstarter that began this whole trip, I've felt like this studio has been coasting by on the Shovel Knight IP perhaps a bit too much.

Reminds me of when Super Meat Boy was the indie darling that exploded in popularity in the early '10s; he was shoved into damn near everything. But at least Ed McMillen made other stuff during that time, and still does (The End is Nigh). All I've seen from these people is constant shilling of the Shovel Knight character in innumerable indie titles, and even goddamn Smash Bros.!

The length of time King of Cards has taken to come out is also pretty insane. I'm just pretty annoyed overall at the way they've been conducting themselves. Like okay I get it, strike the iron while it's hot, but show some humility please...


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